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Eltham Road , Te Kiri

Te Kiri War Memorial 

Te Kiri War Memorial

Located at the now (2014)  demolished Te Kiri school, the Te Kiri war memorial was erected to the memory of those men of the district who fell in the Great War. The memorial was unveiled on 16 October 1921 by MP O Hawken.

Inscription:North Face


Freedom' s Cause

by the people of Te Kiri
to the memory of those
Te Kiri Boys, who made
the supreme sacrifice
in the Great War
1914 - 1918

                                   Short N P

West Face

Second World War

Allan D Kirk


2 NZEF (Japan)                Korea
1946 - 1948                 1950 - 1954

Malaya, Malaysia Borneo           Vietnam
       1955 -1966                      1964 - 1972


East Face

Our Fallen Heroes

Sgt C J Hurst
L Corp R Mawhinney
Pvt  J W Coupe
"   J P Ewen
"    E J Friday
"    S Gilbert
   "    A Simpson
   "     G W Tindle
Driver L V Hawton


Live Thou for New Zealand
We for New Zealand Died


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Te Kiri War Memorial

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