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Bowen Crescent, Opunake

Opunake War Memorial  

Opunake War Memorial


[Foundation stone laid by Governor-General Viscount Jellicoe on 27 October 1921 - see Hawera Star 28 Oct 1921 below in Documents] The Governor-General also unveiled the Manaia and Auroa memorials the same day and, probably, the Patea District High School memorial steps on the way to Manaia. On 30th October he unveiled the Bell Block Memorial.]


From top down at front:

Eight Shields on the upper 2/3rds of the obelisk. From top down:

N / Fernleaf / Z
.      Belgium and olive branch
 Egypt              "
 Samoa            "
 France            "
 Salonika         "
 Gallipoli           "
 Palestine        "

Panel of Crossed Swords, Fernleaf , Oak Leaves and Flaming Grenade

To the Memory
Our Boys
Who Fell in the
Great War

Black granite plaque:

In Memory
Of Those Who Fell in the
1939-1945 War

Morris W M       Alvis W


White marble plaque in top concrete step:

This stone was laid by
His Excellency Lord Jellicoe
Governor General of New Zealand
27th October 1921

Grey marble panel in fourth concrete step:



Right Side Black Marble Panel:

Affleck D                                      Cameron T
Aitken A J                                    Campbell W J

Allan A                                        Connell S
Baker H                                      Connell W
Barlow H                                     Cooper W G
Beech J T                                    Coupe J
Bewley J                                     Crofskey J
Billing F R                                   Corkery T F
Billing A E MM                            Duckworth R F
Birkett H R                                  Ewan G T
Bowman H F                               Fennell J J
Breed H A                                   Fitzsimmons E J P
Burrows J H                                Farah J F   
Buchler F J L                              Gibson W    
Buchler J W                                Gilbert S    
Callaghan C H I                          Graham A

Rear Black Marble Panel:

Graham                                                 Jarrett W
Guild W A                                              Julian M D
Harrop G A                                             Julian E O
   Hall E                                                   Kappely H
   Hall R                                                  Kappely W
     Hannam F                                           Keasberry J C
Hawton L V                                              Kelly R S
    Hill R S                                                 Lampard J
   Hodgson A F                                         Laurenson G S
Hodgson H F                                              Lawn W [M]   
 Hodgson R                                              Looney W C
Holmes W J                                             Lothian S D
   Hurst C J                                              Mawhinney R
James S G                                                Morgan T
  Jackson H                                                McGarvie R
Jarrett W A                                                  Owen G

Left Side Black Marble Panel:

      Paterson D                                               Stephenson J H
     Peters W                                                    Stevenson W
Pierson C                                                        Stitt A M
   Pierson F                                                       Tindle J C
Phillips J H                                                      Travers J
Quickendon T                                                  Trotter C A
      Rae R E                                                     Twomey H M
  Raynor W                                                       Vincent M
Rowland E D N                                             Warner A R H
Sharrock H                                                        Wells H
   Shefford J                                                      Wells D K
Simmonds H                                                  Wheatey M

Simpson A                                                                     
Smith H                                                                        
Smith D                                                                        
 Smith W                                                                        


Lower Black Marble Panel:

2 NZEF (Japan)           Korea
1946 - 1948             1950 - 1954

Malaya Malaysia              Vietnam
            Borneo                   1964-1972     


 STDC Opunake Heritage Inventory Item Bo1
Constructed 1921. Original metal gates were made by a Mr Trotter, a local blacksmith. They have been removed

Note: 'Quickendon' above should read 'Quickenden'.

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Opunake War Memorial