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Intersection of State Highway 45 and Waireka Road East, Omata

Omata War Memorial  

Omata War Memorial


Lest We Forget


In Memorium
Cpl T S Crompton
Pvt E L Allen
Pvt P Wood
Rflmn W H Millman
Pvt E Anstis
Pvt J J Crompton
L Cpl L A Warren
Pvt N Wood
Pvt D Mace
Cpl R Kidd
Pvt H A Prugean [Prujean]


Erected by the Residents in Honour
of the Lads of this District who made
the Greatest of all Sacrifices in the
Great War 1914-1918
They Died for Their Fellow Men

Left Side:

World War II


Sgt L P Evans
Pte D B Dodunski
Air Com E G Olsen DSC
P/O J M Gilmer
Flt Sgt R T Mathieson

Short NP [stone mason]


Right Side - Added 2002

                 They Also Served 1914-1918

Sgt G W Bollinger                      Rfm H Bollinger

(Added 15 November 2019)

 Pte G Anstis                            Cpl A Loveridge

 S Lt A R Bayly                       Rfm E Loveridge

 Pte K J Bayly                          Rfm L Loveridge

 Cpl F W Clemow                  Cpl W H Loveridge

 Pte W J Crompton                  Sgt L B Mace

 Pte A H Frost                          Cpl R L Mace

 Pte C H Gatton                       Rfm A L McAllum

 Pte L C Hare                           SM  C McAllum

 Cpl L B Hart                           Sgt W Mathews

 Sap H S Henricksen              Pte A M Meyenberg

 Sap P Henricksen                           Tpr S Peddie

 Sap P Henricksen                 Cpl C G Penwarden

 Tpr T Henricksen                    Pte R Penwarden

 Pte Y Henricksen                    Sgt S J Quickfall

 Pte C Hutchens                       Rfl A V Sharpe

Sgt F Hutchens                       Cpl C H Smith

 Pte O Johns                             Pvt  J Smith

 Pte C L Jury                            Tpr L S Shrimpton

 Tpr E E Jury                            Pvt R D Spence

 QMS C R Jury                         Pvt V Vickers

 Pvt C Kendall                         Pvt J B Walsh

 Pvt H V Leighton                   Pvt T L Walsh

 Sgt J Lepper (MM)                 Tpr J F Whyte

 Pte W H Looney                     Nurse F Crompton

 [50 names]


Rear - Added 2002

They Also Served 1939-1945

  PO E D Ansford                      Pte N R Marshall

 Pte B W Bayly                               Pte I H Rea

 Pte M C Ching                            Sig M S Rea

 Gnr H F Christmas                     Pte H F Salt

 Pte L Corney                              Pte E G Sanger

 AC2 G R Donald                        Pte W E Sanger

        Sig G A Duke                         Cpl U M Schrider  (MD)

 Pte W K Elder                              Pte E J Spence

Gnr V L Elwin                              AB L A Spence

 Sap C F Evetts                    Sgt R G Spence (MD)

Cpl G R Hanover                    A Br E M Walsh

Dvr J James                             Dvr W Williams

 Pte H H Krutz                         Pte L F Whale

 FO W T R Mathieson             Lcpl A Weir

 Gnr R R Mace                         AB D Weir

     Pte T Mack                              Sgt  F D Wood

Pte W J Maloney

[33 names]

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