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Normanby School, SHW 3 , Normanby

Normanby War Memorial 

Normanby War Memorial 




Their Names Shall Live

White Marble Plaque at Apex of Arch:

2nd World War
Baker G R             Rye G R             Wiley H E

Plaque 1:

The Great War

Normanby Men Who Fell

Anstie C                                  Ewen A
   Bisset G                                 Frei J          
Burr E                                     Greig A E
  Burr G                                     Greig R W
Bishop W                                Gane E F
   Bates L H                                Grantham F
Clarkson G                              Goddard S
Doherty T                                 Harrison E

Plaque 2:

The Great War

Normanby Men Who Fell

                                                                            Hayward C A                                Riddle J S
                                                                            Johnston E C                               Rule W D
                                                                            Laidlaw J                                     Shrimpton A
                                                                            Linn H                                         Shrimpton S

                                                                            Linn J R                                       Shaw J
                                                                            Matthews J                                  Slight C H
                                                                            Morrison E                                   Tarrant A
                                                                            Palmer DA                                   Winks L
                                                                            Parslow A



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