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Midhirst Primary School, Erin Street, Midhirst

Midhirst War Memorial Gates 

Midhirst War Memorial Gate


 Left of gate

 In Remembrance

1914 -1918

Rfn  H.E.Bennett

Pte  C.Bloxham

  “    A. Dickinson

   “   C.W.J. Divehall

   “   H.J.Fever

L/Cpl H.G. Fearon

   “    A. E. Fearon

Pte    W.E. Goodwin

  “     E.J.Hamblyn

  “     H.J. Hamblyn

  “     T. D. Hamblyn

  “     W.C. Hamblyn

  “     W. Hatcher

Gnr A.E. Huse

Pte  W. Jakes

   “   C Jones

   “   E.D. Jones

   “   G  Karalus

  "    R Karalus

     “    E. Keightley

   “   F. Keightley

          “   T. E [F]. Keightley


Right of Gate

In Remembrance


 Rfn   F. Kirkwood

L/Cpl G.H. Lynford

Pte     A. Potroz

  “       R Read

  “       E.W. Vickers

Gnr     F.A. Vickers

Cpl      P. Wall

Pte   F. W. Woisin

1939 -1945

F/Lt  F. P. Adlam

P/O  M.P.,Bell

A.C. N.L. Fowler

S/Ldr D. J. Harkness D.F.C.

F/O   C. G. W. Henderson

Sgt    B. Jenkin

Pte     L.D. Jones

Dvr    D. Piper

Pte     R. Rodgers

Gnr    F. M. Schumacher

Sgt     L.E. Laird

There are 5 sets of brothers recorded on the memorial –

Hamblyn (EJ, HJ, TD & WC); Fearon (HG & AE); Keightley (F & TF) ;

Vickers (EW & FA) and Karalus (G & R)


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Midhirst War Memorial