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Rawhitiroa Memorial Pool 

The Rawhitiroa Memorial Pool is an example of a community working together to create a facility that not only serves to remember those who served their country, but over 60 years later is still used by large numbers of bathers each summer.

The first meeting of the committee that initiated the project was on 15 July 1947. It would be seven years of planning before work began on the ambitious project. The key to its success, and the reason the pool was larger than first planned, was the decision that the community would do all the work.

Wells were dug, the site was levelled and excavated, boxing put in place, concrete poured, sheds and a shop erected. All this was completed by locals contributing their time, energy and resources to create a superb community asset.  

In December 1955 the pool was ready for use, just 19 months after work began. The official opening was delayed until 30 January 1960, when the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Hon. W.T. Anderton arrived to complete the formalities.  

Over the years additions have been made to the pool complex including a diving board, barbecues, solar panels and another building.

(For more details and photos of the project please see the attached document “The Rawhitiroa War Memorial Pool”, written by Pat O’Connor from the book Rawhitiroa/Mangamingi Centenary 1998)

1914 - 1918                                                                                 1939 - 1945

C.A. Belcher                                                                                 L.J. Bootten  

L.F. Belcher                                                                                  C.E. Cave

C. Bentley                                                                                     N.F. Cave

H.P. Bull                                                                                        * D.F. Charteris

W. Burton                                                                                     J.A. Charteris

J.S. Cameron                                                                               P.R. Edwards   

J. Eggers                                                                                        * C. Ford

* A.F. Hodson                                                                              R.J. May

* H.F. Hodson                                                                              W.R. Morgan

A. Jagger                                                                                     E.F. O’Connor   

* C.C. Kelland                                                                              L.M. O’Connor

B.A. Martin                                                                                  A.J. Ryburn

* H. McCarthy                                                                             W.J.D. Robertson

* E. McLaughlin                                                                          C.D. Silver

H. McLaughlin                                                                            D.H. Tarrant

A. Parkinson                                                                               P.M. Tarrant                                                                                     

* H. Robinson                                                                             W.G. Tarrant

W.H. Slater                                                                                 E. Walke

J. Walsh                                                                                      * H.W.C. Wood

* J.J. McLaughlin                                                                        P. Wright

Vietnam Campaign (not on plaque)

* A. Don

* These Men Made the Supreme Sacrifice

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