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Muggeridge Road, Manutahi, South Taranaki


Manutahi Memorial, Manutahi Cemetery

Manutahi Memorial at Manutahi Cemetery



Plaques on Memorial Baths at Manutahi School - Jan 2006


 Constructed in the school grounds, Muggeridge Road, the Manutahi baths were to honour the war services and sacrifices of the men of the district.

Two years after construction began on 3rd Feb 1947, the school baths were opened by MP E P Aderman in Feb 1949. 200 pounds were raised by the community to supplement the Government subsidy of a similar amount.

Both the WW I & WW II plaques were removed from the closed baths and re-erected in the Manutahi Cemetery, Muggeridge Road (c 2007-8?)


Left Side Plaque:

          In Honour       

   1914   -  1919

Lieut L Hamilton                                                                               Pte N Wheeler +
Pte J Allan                                                                                       " J Wheeler
" C H Buckman                                                                                   " A W Wrigley +
    " F Cornwall                                                                                      " L J Woodhouse
    " W Flett                                                                                             " C R Wemyss
       " T Harvie +                                                                                        Rfmn F Furnival +
" C Jamieson                                                                                           " E J Goile    
" C Kenny                                                                                            " H Hamilton
" S Leslie                                                                                             " M J O'Neill
" E Lacey +                                                                                     " T J Simpson
" O O'Neill                                                                                           " S Tawse   
" W O'Neill                                                                                        Tpr O Hughes
" T Oldridge                                                                                    " J O'Sullivan  
" J Ritchie +                                                                                           " A A Quin     
" J Ritchie                                                                                            " J Tregea  
" C Ritchie                                                                                          " A F Wills    
" C Richards                                                                                     Dvr G Brewer +
" G Richards +                                                                                " R P Cornwall
" C A Rutland                                                                                   " J Muggeridge
" H Rhoades +                                                                                       " T Newport
" W J Simpson +                                                                                  " D W Schwass
" E Smith +

+ Killed in Action

Right Side Plaque:

In Honour

1939  -  1945

AB R Cornwall                                                      Pte J Thatcher
" R Geary                                                               " G Wells +
Sgt R Hardy +                                                      Tpr G Brewer
" H Hardy                                                             " L Cornwall
" J Wards                                                                 " J Geary
Pte A Brickell                                                              " W Heal
         " H Lee                                                               " R Southcombe
         " J Macdonald                                               Flt/Lt A Muggeridge DFC
        " C J Penny                                                      " M Muggeridge DFM
       " V J Penny                                                            WO L Cameron
" E C Penny                                                           " N Foreman
     " L Parker                                                               Flt/Sgt T Harvie
" M Parker LAC                                                              W Denby
" L Scott                                                                    " J Geary

+ Killed in Action

 Information from Jacq Dwyer June 2015:

"The WWI plaque in the cemetery has two mistakes – G Williams is missed off (he was killed in action) & T Oldridge doesn’t have a cross by his name & he was killed in action."

The Manutahi Roll of Honour at the hall was unveiled by Patea MP and Hawera Mayor, Edwin Dixon on 22 March 1922 (See Hawera Star 23 March 1922)

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