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Junction of Rata and Matai Streets, Inglewood

Inglewood War Memorial  

The Inglewood memorial consists of a white marble soldier on marble podium bearing the names of those from the district who fell in the First and Second World Wars. Originally built to commemorate Inglewood's fallen during Great War, the flag mast behind was added in honour of those who fell in the World War II. Their names were added to the original monument.

[The monument was unveiled on 21 August 1924 by Lieutenant-Colonel C H Weston - see Documents below]



Front; Top Section:

In Remembrance
The Men From the
Inglewood District who fell in the
Great Wars 1914-1918

Front: Second Section (WWI)

Codd W                                         Floyd S                                 Hamblyn J E
Codd H H                                      Fowler J                                Hamblyn T B
Corney C K                                   Franklyn H W                        Hamblyn W C  
Coutts W                                       Fraser A                                Harmel A     
Cunningham L                               Fraser D                               Hart B    
Curtis K O                                     Fougere L C                          Harris E J   
                                                                                                    Haslett G
Dewhirst E                                     Goodwin E G                        Hendrick E L 
Doherty H                                      Goodwin T R                        Henderson A 
Duffill G V                                      Guilford C                             Henderson S 
                                                Guilford W                            Heal A G 
Early W                                                                                       Hodges J

Egarr N S                                       Hall T B                               Hogan W M

                                                      Hamblyn H J                                                                              


Front  Third Section (WWI)

Paterson D            Prujean H       Rowson C H      Smith R 
Parkin H                                        Rowson S         Smith W

Paul P                   Raynor W H     Ronaldson R     Sattler C L 
Payne G                Russell A E      Reeve W           Storring A N
Potroz B                Russell W                                   Stratford R 
Priest A                 Rusling H A      Smith L               Symes R

Front  Fourth Section

Their Names Live Forever

Front Fifth Section WWII

Franklyn N C                             Gray W J                                  Instone N L
Franklyn W J                             Green E H                                Knight G  
Gannaway A A                          Guilford J                                  Knofflock C G
Gibson J D                                Hill R                                         Loveday H A
Gillice M A                                 Honeyfield H J                          McKeen C J
Grant I C                                    Hudson B C                              McLean C J




Left Side; Top Section (WWI):

 Aisher J                                     Burkhardt A P
Atkinson A F                              Burr J

Left Side; Second Section (WWI):

Bason F                                                       Carman B
Bathurst J                                                    Carman H
Bennett H E E                                              Cartwright L
Benefield T                                                   Caterer G F
Bridgeman A C                                             Chapman A
Broadmore L F                                             Chapman H
Broadmore U                                                Chard A   
Brown F R                                                     Cheyne J M
Bunyan J                                                       Clark I
Buchanan G                                                  Clough G L
Burkett F                                                        Coad T

Left Side; Third Section (WWI):

Mather W                             Molloy W                       Old E
Marsh J E C                         Moody J                        Old H A
Marshall B                            McRae M                      Olsen A
May J                                                                         Orr E
Middlemiss J                       Nicholson CS                 Orr H W 
Miles A H

Left Side; Fourth Section:

Short NP (Stonemason)

Left Side; Fifth Section (WWII):

Arthur V                            Brown F R                         Dobson E D   
Arthur V T M (Sr)            Budd B H                          Dodunski D B   
Benny A H                      Burckett L D                     Douglas J B    
Bertrand B L                   Butler I A J                        Dryden A E       
Bradford A E                  Cartwright J A                    Evans C J      
Bridge A                          Crush R H                         Evans J L      

Right Side: Top Section. Blank

Right Side; Second Section (WWI):

Hopson J                                                        Kennedy C
Hunter A                                                          Kidd A P 
Hunter A H                                                      Kidd R G  
                                                                        Kidd S O
Inglis R                                                            Kilsby B  
      Jakes W                                                          Kimberley E H
James J                                                          Klenner J S

Jennings G                                                     Langley D

      Jones R                                                          Laurence S T
Karalus G W                                                   Lilly B    
Karalus R                                                        Luke B   
Kendrick E                                                      Mather K

Right Side; Third Section (WWI):

Taylor A                               Todd D                            Ward C R
Taylor A                               Vercoe P F                      Warren L
Taylor G                               Vercoe B                         West A J
Taylor H E                                                                   West S E
Taylor L F                                                                    Wilson C

Thomas A                              Wallace T                     Yorsten T E M


Right Side: Fourth Section: Blank


Right Side; Fifth Section (WWII):

Magee A                                    Reardon R G                      Whitaker E B
Marsh F A B                              Salisbury L A                      Wilson R P
Norcross P K                             Sargent F L                        Winfield C    
Orr F E                                      Schultz K O                         Wytkin M N
Osborne N                                Smeaton C R                      Yeates W L   
               Pearce T L                                Stimpson H B                                                         
Reed V W                                 Thompson R


One of the above servicemen - S E West (Sidney Ennis) was killed in the Bere Ferrers rail accident, 24 Sept 1917, when 10 Kiwi soldiers were killed by an oncoming express after alighting on the wrong side of their carriage. He may also be commemorated on the Lepperton memorial.

See other Bere Ferrers dead on Urenui, Uruti, NPBHS and Fitzroy memorials 


The memorial once had a war trophy - a German minenwerfer ('mine-launcher') - on the base but this disappeared in the 1960s. Its present whereabouts is unknown. (See Image below)

The Rhododendron 'Elegans' behind the memorial is reputed to be one of the largest in New Zealand.

The Flag mast in the background has a granite block at its base:

Inglewood Flagmast (World War II only)

Granite stone at base of mast:

To the memory
Of those who
gave their lives in
World War II

1939 - 1945


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