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Princes Street, Hawera

Hawera War Memorial  

Hawera War Memorial 


The Hawera Memorial Arch is a large monument to the fallen of the World Wars I & II. Situated at the South Taranaki RSA on Princes Street, the arch is one of the more prominent monuments in the Taranaki region. It carries 132 names from WWI, and 75 from WWII. It was unveiled by the Prime Minister, William F Massey, on 11 June 1924 (See Web link below)

The main arch is of Oamaru stone with a base of grey granite and four small columns of Takaka marble.

 Architects: Duffill and Gibson of Hawera. Contractors: Walpole and Patterson, Stonemasons of Whanganui



Centre Top of Memorial

In Grateful
of our heroes who died
and thanksgiving
for those who returned

1914-18   1939-45

Marble panels on each side of the arch:

Left Side:

Those who made the
supreme sacrifice
World War I

104 names in 2 columns)

Right Side:

Those who made the
supreme sacrifice

 (28 names in 2 columns)



 (75 names in 2 columns ( 37 and 38))




Plaque 1, Column 1:                                                  Plaque 1 Column 2:

Anderson H J L                                                        Holdstock W L
Anstis C                                                                    Howie J
Arthur N C                                                                Hume S S
Bailey P E                                                                Jensen F
Batten L C                                                                Johnston M J
Beaumont T A G                                                      Johnstone A E
Beaurepaire L L                                                       Johnstone E C
Beeby T                                                                    Joyce H B
Bernard A C                                                             Joyce P J
Beven W H G                                                           King C F
Bird F                                                                        Knight N R
Bissett G F M                                                            Lacey E
Bowden E R                                                             Langdon C
Brough J R                                                               Latham W J P
Bryant N                                                                   Lavery M J
Bullock W W                                                             Lethaby A J
Burrows A                                                                 Linn N C
Campbell P                                                               Linn J R
Campbell J                                                               Livermore P S
Catchpole A C                                                          Mansell F
Catchpole E W                                                         Matthews J
Cleaver J V H                                                           Molloy T
Close F                                                                     Mooseman L J
Close J                                                                     Morgan G O
Clothier G                                                                 Morrison E
Coad H F                                                                  Mulloy M W
Corrigan W E                                                            Murphy M
Crawford E                                                                Murphy P
Crighton J M                                                              Murphy R
Dewar H                                                                    Murray J
Dickenson A                                                              Murray W
Doherty T                                                                  McGlade W
Doherty W                                                                 McGlashan E
Dunham H J                                                              McLean J
Ewen A                                                                      McNiven H G
Flynn R S                                                                  Oldridge T S D
Foden W R                                                                O'Reilly T
Frei J                                                                         Palmer D'A
Gardner J H                                                               Parker E M
Gerrard T                                                                   Parrington H M
Giles C P                                                                   Parslow A V
Goddard S                                                                 Paterson D
Grantham F J                                                             Phillips G
Green J                                                                      Porter W G(?)
Greig A                                                                       Rauch W J
Greig R W                                                                  Reid A
Griffen E A                                                                 Riddle J S
Harris H R                                                                  Rogers F
Harrison E E                                                              Salmon A L
Hayward C A                                                             Sanders O
Hedley C A                                                                Sargent C E
Hogg J                                                                       Shaw N

[52]                                                                                 [52]

Plaque 2 Column 1:                                                     Plaque 2 Column 2:
Shrimpton A V                                                           Thomson A
Shrimpton L M                                                           Ure W H
Slight C M                                                                  Wallace N 
Smythe E O                                                               Wasley A T
Squire A R                                                                 Whittington H K
Steffert N E                                                                Williams A O
Strack T J                                                                   Williams F
Syme G                                                                      Wills A A
Tarrant A                                                                    Wills L J
Tarrant C R                                                                 Winks L
Taylor C                                                                      Woodford
Taylor A M                                                                  Wright L T
Telfar H                                                                      Yearbury G D
Terlich J                                                                     Young J B

[14]                                                                             [14]

                                       [Total WWI 132]



Plaque 2, Column 1 (Cont.):                                                    Plaque 2,Column 2 (Cont.):

Badcock A F                                                                           Langdon C E
Badcock D N W                                                                      Marshall K B
Barratt H                                                                                 Matheson J
Bernard A C                                                                           Midgley M W
Berry E G                                                                                Milne B
Boyce T W                                                                              Monkley L D
Brett K W                                                                                Moreland R S
Briscoe I C                                                                              Mortlock M J (Miss)
Butland W C                                                                           Murdoch E R
Campbell A                                                                             McCalman C J
Castle A G                                                                              McCalman JB
Chapple V N                                                                           McCarthy J J
Cooke R W                                                                             McGlashan G D
Crompton W J                                                                        McLachlan E J R
Crowhurst S H                                                                       Oliver R J
Doole D                                                                                 Olsen H N
Duffill J G                                                                               Pole L E
Dunlop A C                                                                            Powdrell W H
Entwhistle I W                                                                       Rogers K S
Evans A W S                                                                         Rye G R
Evans E J                                                                              Sargent F L
Fearon L M                                                                            Seaver R B
Fredericks C R                                                                      Skipper W
Geary W J                                                                             Smart D McG
Gibson E D                                                                            Smith E G
Gomer T G                                                                            Smith T M
Gray N J                                                                                Stevens R H W
Guilford G A                                                                          Taylor C
Harrington B C                                                                      Thomas B W
Hodgson C R                                                                         Walker J R
Honeyfield E R                                                                      Walsh J D
Hunter I H                                                                              Wells G W
Hutchins T                                                                             Wells L A
Jeffrey L                                                                                 Whittington C
Joblin G R                                                                              Wiley H F
Jones M G                                                                             Williams L W
Kerrisk A                                                                                Wilson E G 
                                                                                               Wylds C S

[37]                                                                                           [38]

                                                      [Total WWII 75]

On left hand granite base (difficult to read)

This memorial was erected [& funded?]  by

voluntary subscriptions from residents of

Hawera & Districts

and was unveiled 11 June 1924

by the Prime Minister

The Right Hon W. F. Massey P C, LLD


On right hand  granite base

Duffill & Gibson
Registered Architects
Walpole & Patterson


3 Black Marble Plaques on Left Side




2NZEF (Japan)



This plaque was dedicated on the

9 May 1995

by the South Taranaki RSA

To commemorate

the 50th anniversary of the

cessation of hostilities in Europe

VE Day

Lest We Forget



3 Black Marble Plaques on Right Side






Malaya Malaysia





[RSA Badge]

15th Aug 1995

The 50th anniversary of

the end of World War II 1939-1945


In tribute to all who served

New Zealand overseas and at home

thorughout those years and in memory

of those who laid down their lives.




Additional Information:

Plans of monument held by Puke Ariki, NP (ARC2004-804)


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