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Barriball St, Fitzroy, New Plymouth

Fitzroy School Memorial

Presented by Mrs Alice B Honeyfield in 1925-6  - see Taranaki Herald   23 July 1927 


Designed by Taranaki Education Board architect, Charles Howard Moore they were unveiled on10 April 1926 by the Minister of Education, Sir James Parr - See Document below


       Left Column                                                                                                   Right Column

       [In concrete]                                                                                                       [In concrete]

DULCE ET DECORUM                                                                             EST PRO PATRIA MORI

                                      (It is sweet and right to die for your country.Horace/Owen)


         On left plaque:                                                                                            On right plaque:  

   In Honoured Memory                                                 1914-1918                                     1939-1945
the Ex-pupils of this School                                    Cosbrook, A J N                Barnitt H F M         Kilpatrick N R
   who made the Supreme                                       Davidson W                      Cave K H               Kinsella O D
              Sacrifice.                                                   Harding A R F                    Crawford H H        Lewis  K 
                                                                                Harvey F C                        Davidson G           Mason G J
 At the going down of the sun                                  Harvey W H                      Flannagan F P J    Page G
      and in the morning                                             Kirton C I                          Florence R             Prestidge C E
  We will remember them                                         Petch, A G                        Harvey D M           Pullen C G
   (Binyon)                                                                Tanner F A                        Harvey I K             Richardson G W
                                                                                Tanner W H                       Hopkinson R J      Williams N
                                                                                                                          Jasper J W            Wooldridge W H
                                                                                                                          Kerr A M


                                         WWII name additions were unveiled at the 75th Jubilee in 1957


One of the above servicemen - C I (Chudleigh Inwood) Kirton was killed in the Bere Ferrers rail accident, 24 Sept 1917, when 10 Kiwi soldiers were killed by an oncoming express after alighting on the wrong side of their carriage. He is also recorded on the NPBHS gates, Uruti and Urenui memorials. (See Document on NPBHS Memorial site)

See other  Beres Ferrers dead on Lepperton and Inglewood memorials


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