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Pukekohe Domain, Browne St , Waitara

Clifton Rugby Club Gates  

The memorial gates at  Clifton Rugby Club were erected at the entrance to Pukekohe domain (formerly the Camp Reserve) to commemorate the services of those members of the club who served in the Great War.

[Unveiled by MP W T Jennings , 28 October 1919 - See Document below]




Left Plaque:                                                             Right Plaque: 

Roll of Honour                                                       Roll of Honour

Clifton Football club                                             Clifton Football club
Members                                                                 Members
Participators in the                                                Participators in the
Great War                                                              Great War
(Those starred gave their lives)                        (Those starred gave their lives) 

Column 1                                                    Column 1

                                                                     R Lawrence                                                          H Alexander
                                                                     L Lye                                                                    G Bertrand
                                                                    W Luxton                                                              B Berntsen
                                                                    * K J McDonald                                                      H Burkett
                                                                    B McKoy                                                                F Billings
                                                                    T McKoy                                                                W Chapman 
                                                                    F McDavitt                                                              M Cain
                                                                    J B Mabin                                                                S G Cunningham    
                                                                    * Jas Purdie                                                            H Cole
                                                                     F S Proctor                                                             E Clare
                                                                    R Pennington                                                          * Fred Chapman    
                                                                    H Rook                                                                     J Crow 
                                                                                                                                                     A Chapman

Column 2:                                                                  Column 2:

E Roberts                                                                  S Eggleston
* A Reed                                                                         R Fulton
W Spurdle                                                                    E Frost
P Smaille                                                                    A Fulton
G Soffe                                                                        W Hawke
* H Shelton                                                                       W T Joll
* H Trim                                                                          John Jones
* R Taylor                                                                       * T Jenkins
D Tate                                                                           G Kaipo
      C M Tate                                                                       *J Knuckey
* M Wickham                                                                  W Lash
                                                                                           H B Limmer

Pukekohe/Camp Reserve - named after the pa site and Imperial Regiment H Q on the site - was the home ground of the Clifton Rugby Club until 1995 when they amalgamated with the Tikorangi Rugby Club and moved to their grounds at Tikorangi. The Camp Reserve's use is presently (2006) undetermined.

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Clifton Rugby Club Memorial Gates