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Bird Road, Stratford

Bird Road Memorial

Bird Road Memorial 

Memorial Plaque commemorating the men of the Bird and Skinner Road District who served in the Great War.

Since being unveiled in 1921, the memorial been lowered to ground level by the pillars having been shortened from their original 3m (approx) height. More recently the structure has been moved to the roadside from inside the school grounds after the closure of the school.



For King and Country
Roll of Honour erected by the Settlers of Bird and Skinner Road District
In honour of their men who fought in the Great War 1914 -1918

Pvt I Blackstock.   Pvt F P McCulloch.     Rflmn A D Ellis.    Killed in Action
Gnr G V W Falder.   Died of Sickness
Sergt Mjr A A McQueen.   Sergt D S McKinley.    Corp W Blackstock.    Corp W McKinley
Pvt E A Bonner          Pvt H G A Neilson            Pvt T E Bennetts           Pvt N E Neilson
" F Doherty                      " H A Neilson               " J G Falder              " D Quayle
" A J Garlick             " J D Rowe               " C Garlick                { E G Tichbone }
" H Hansen           " W T Webb              " D McLeod                 {Killed in Action}
Rflmn A L Kivell          Rflmn E G Felton           Rflmn L E Hann          Rflmn N E McQueen
" W H Johnson             " J Reynolds          " S Reynolds              Tpr G R Coleman
Tpr W H Seabright             Tpr A G L Lyford            Tpr J E Willis          Gnr A W McLeod


Additional Information:

- J Nolly (Ed),  Bird Road School Centennial; 1888 - 1988,  1988

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Bird Road War Memorial