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Cape Egmont Boating Club, Coast Road, Rahotu.

Warea Memorial       

          Warea and Pungarehu War Memorials                  


Warea plaque unveiled ANZAC Day 2006

Erected by the residents of Warea

   To the memory of those who served

 1914 -1918


       Roll of Honour                                         Returned Men

  W. Bell            F Pierson                   J Aylward       C McLachlan

   Reg Hill         W Thrush                   W Barr            D McLachlan

   O E Julian       W Wade                      F Clothier        J McLachlan

M Lawn          H Wells                       S Foot             C  W Revell

C Pierson         K Wells                       J Jones             T Roberts

                                                                      T B Judge        A J Thompson

                                                            C Magon           B Wade

                                                             W McLachlan   E Wilson


                          1939     -        1945

                        Roll of Honour

                           Flight Sergeant  -    J L McDonald

                       Sergeant Pilot  -   I H W Franks


     Returned Men

E J Caldwell    R Julian           A D Sole

C I Deacon      L A Luckin     M P Sole

W B Francis    G H Luckin     L G Stott

P N Hill           C A Meier       M I Wells

S D Harrison   H C Magon     C V Wells

A J Julian        P Rowe           A R Wells

S R Julian        O G Sole         W Wright

 F A Sole


 For King and Country



Moved  from Warea School to Cape Egmont Boating Club, April 2006


Second Plaque - Pungarehu

Unveiled ANZAC Day 2007. Names taken from the honours board in Pungarehu Hall.(See TDN article in Documents below)

(The former Pungarehu War Memorial was the Pungarehu School gates but no servicemen's names were included - See Pungarehu Topic)

Erected by the Residents of Pungarehu

To the Memory of Those who Served

1914 - 1918

              Killed in Action                                                             Returned Men

                 Graham Cooper                                           Pte H Amos                 Lieut J McSaveney 

                William Guild                                                Rflm S J Armstrong      Pte A Moffit

                 John Keasbury                                            Pte E Barrett                Pte G Noble

                 Tom Quickenden                                         Pte C K Forrester         Pte W F Parratt

                 Harold Smith                                               S-M W Gibbs                  Pte C Plim

                 Ernest Symonds                                          Tpr S L Goodin (MM)     Pte B Pui 

                Jim Travers                                                  Pte N Heisenbuttel       Pte T Reynolds

                                                                                     Pte M Kelly                   Pte R S Rookes

                                                                                     Pte H Layman

                                                                                        1939 - 1945

                                                                                    Killed in Action

                                                                                Pte Chas S Lawrence

                                                                                    Returned Men

                                        Gnr J O Beck                  Gnr W S Hamill                 Pte M T Sangster

                                        Sgt F Beresford               Pte E Hooke                     Dvr E Spencer

                                        Pte G Campbell               Pte J Hunt                        Dvr N H Stanley

                                        Pte F L Cockburn              LAC J C Hurley              Pte  R W E Stanley

                                        Dvr L W Davis                    Pte W Martin                 LAC K Stockman

                                       Sgt S S C Ford                   Sgt W Morgan               Pte J Tanakaha

                                       Pte V A Gush                      F/O R S Priest (DFC)   Pte F W C Thompson

                                       Pte D J Hall                         Dvr N S Rookes           Sgt J S Trye (MM)

                                       Dvr H T Hall                        Pte R R Rookes           AB B P Ward

                                       Dvr L J Hall                         Tpr K Sangster             Pte L H Woolridge


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Warea & Pungarehu War Memorial

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