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Ohura Road, Kohuratahi

Whangamomona & Districts Memorial 

Lest we forget

Erected by the Residents

 of Whangamomona,

 Kohuratahi and Tahora

 Districts to the Memory of

 their Soldiers who made

 the Supreme Sacrifice

 in the Great War

 1914 - 1918


Short NP 


                   Left Panel                              Right Panel                     Rear Panel

                  A Aitcheson                            J Kelleher                     L F Burton-Smith

                  R D Bain                                 E Lance                        D W Smith

                  J Creek                                   E H McCartie                R C Shields

                 H Corbett                                H G Mowat                    G Syme

                 R H C Cornwall                       H E Marsh                     J W Sewell

                 J Casey                                   G W Murray                   N T D Taverner

                V D Elliott                                 J Mathieson                   R Taylor                                                 

                A E Fulcher                              L M Natzke                     W Taylor

                J J Glendenning                      R Paul                             D C Trowern                                              

                F C Gates                                 D J Shewry                      G E Willis

                B R Hodder                               S Stephens                      R Williams  

                W Harre                                    J L Stephens                   R R Watkins                       

                W Holdstock                              D B Stephens                  T P Walsh

                 P Johns

                                                                   F H Hitchcock

 Black Marble Plaque on Base


World War II

C M Hight

F P C Moore

D J Gleeson


First names (where possible) from Roll of Honour, Cenotaph and CWGC website

1.  A Aitcheson [Aitchison, William Alexander?]

2.  R D Bain [Ronald Duncan]

3.  J Creek [Cree? James]

4.  H Corbett [Henry Albert?]

5.  R H C Cornwall [Robert Henry Charles, AIF]

6.  J Casey [Francis Joseph]

7.  V D Elliott  [VernonDouglas]

8.  A E Fulcher [Alfred Ernest]

9.  J J Glendenning [Glendinning, James Jackson]                                             World War II

10. F C Gates [Frederick Charles]                                                             C H Hight [Cecil Henry]

11. B R Hodder [Basil Rayner]                                                           F P C Moore [Francis Perrie George]

12. W Harre [William]                                                                          D J Gleeson [Douglas John]             

13. W Holdstock [William Leonard]

14. P Johns [Percival Godfrey]

15. F H Hitchcock [Frank Norman Spurrell]

16. J Kelleher [Keleher, John Joseph]

17. E Lance [Edward James]

18. E H McCartie [Ernest Hilton]

19. H G Mowat [Herbert Gavin]

20. H E Marsh [Howard Edgar]

21. G W Murray [George William]

22. J Mathieson [?]

23. L M Natzke [Leo Max]

24. R Paul [Robert] Memorial stone in Lepperton Cemetrery

25. D J Shewry [David Joseph]

26. S Stephens [Sydney]

27. J L Stephens [Stevens? John Lawrence?]

28. D B Stephens [Stevens? Duncan Burrell?]

29. L F Burton-Smith [? Smith, Leigh Ford] Note: this is alphabetically in “S”

30. D W Smith [Donald McKay]

31. R C Shields [Shield, Ronald Coode]

32. G Syme [George]

33. J W Sewell [James William]

34. N T D Tavender [Nigel Francis Hugh??]

35. R Taylor [Robert?]

36.W Taylor [William? Walter?]

37. D C Trowern [Harold Clarence?]

39. G E Willis [George Edward]

39. R Williams [Robert]

40. R R Watkins [Richard Reginald]

41. T P Walsh [Thomas Patrick]



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