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Waverley Clock Tower

Waverley Clock Tower


Waverley Clock Tower  

Waverley Clock Tower Memorial


 Front Face

 For God and Humanity

They whose names are inscribed hereon

Men of this District

Laid down their lives in the Great War



Pvt J.Anderson                       Tpr A R Hicks             Pvt W M O’Connell

Pvt F Bason                            Pvt Hiroti Rangi          Pvt S K O’Connell

Pvt E L Belton                         Lieut H J Hall              Pvt E Partridge

     Pvt J T Bennett                       Pvt C Howie                Rflmn E S Partridge

Sgt A S Boyer                      Pvt J P Johnstone         Pvt J Ross            

Pvt R R W Campbell               Pvt C P Johnston        Pvt J Reid              

            Tpr G Cleary                         Pvt J Kirkland            Sgt E Strachan DCM         

Sgt F Cormack MM                Pvt H Kreger               Pvt L Tucker       

Sgt J B Dalton                        Pvt J S Laidlaw           Pvt W White       

Pvt G Ellis                             Lieut D B McDonald       Pvt J Willacy      

Sgt E Elmslie                          Sgt C T McDonald       Pvt C Wood      

       Maj J McG Elmslie                 Pvt E F Matthews       Pvt J A Johnson    

      Pvt H Fesche                         Sgt F C Matthews MM                                   


Erected by their fellow citizens in proud

and loving memory and as a thanksgiving

that such men were of their number.


Second World War



Spr M F Little           Tpr T W Bell                 Sgt R H W Wybourne

Gnr R J Newland        Gnr F Mitchell              Cpr J Walker           

Sgt P/T J G Dickie      Pvt J P Dewar               Pvt Brian Johnston

Dvr G K Newland      Gnr W Booker                 F/T Sgt J Mooney




South Side


This memorial is erected on the

Old Wairoa Redoubt which was built by

The pioneers of the District in 1868



Also two separate small bronze plaques

VE Day

9 March 1995


VJ Day

15 Aug 1995



Unveiled by Prime Minister J Gordon Coates, MC & Bar, 28 October 1925. (See Auckland Weekly News Image and Document below)

The clock mechanism was manufactured in Wellington by W Littlejohn & Son. (See Advert in Documents below)


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Waverley War Memorial

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