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Entrance to former Municipal Building, Broadway, Stratford

Stratford - Hall of Remembrance

Stratford Hall of Remembrance

Opened 3 May 1920 by Edward , Prince of Wales

The servicemen's portraits in the Hall of Remembrance were extensively conserved in 2000 and some of the original positioning was restored where possible. Puke Ariki holds large format copy negatives of all the portraits.

The bronze plaque acknowledging the unveiling was installed in August 1920 (See Taranaki Daily News 13 Aug 1920)

"This Roll of Honor to the men of the Stratford District who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, 1914-19, was graciously unveiled by H.R.H. Edward, Prince of Wales, on his visit to Stratford, May 3rd, 1920."

An article from History Today 2003, by Graham Hucker is attached below as a Document

See also an article by Graham Hucker in Taranaki Daily News 20 April 2002. 


Servicemen's Portraits - World War I

Alberthsen, B

Aldridge, T B

Anderson, J F

Anderson, J R

Batey, F H

Blackstock, I

Bonar, A J M

Bottcher, L H

Brooking, W

Buchler, L

Burrell, A F

Cameron, R D

Carley, H J

Carley, S E

Carter, H S

Cate, A A

Cate, W G

Chamberlain, D K

Chapman, A

Cleary, G M

Corbett, R S

Coutts, W

Cowling, F W

Creighton, J

Cresswell, J K


Davies, F W

Dewer, H

Dewhirst, E

Divehall, C W J

Dodunski, P

Doughty, R D

Ellis, A D

Elrick, J

Falder, G V W

Fever, H J

Flynn, A M

Foley, T

Fougere, G

Frank, K

Fraser, A

Gates, F C

Goodwin, W E

Gorton, T J

Hamblyn, E J

Hamblyn, H J

Hamblyn, T D

Hamblyn, W C

Hancock, S F

Hansen, L G

Hansen, W J

Harrison, J A

Hatcher, T W

Huse, A E

Ibbottson, H

Jackson, E

James, T P

Jameson [Jamison] W A

Johnson, A E

Jones, E D

Jury, A W

Karalus, W G C

Keightley, E

Keightley, F

Keightley, T F?

Kimbell, E

Kirkwood, F W

Kivelll, C M

Lamb, N J

Lee, L

Liardet, L M

Linn, J R

Lobb, R

Lydford, G N

MacKay, J A

MacKay, J C

MacLeod, R B

Malone, E

Malone, W G

Manning, A

Marfell  M

Marfell F

Marratt, R

Mather, C

McCracken, A H

McCulloch, F P

Metcalf, T S

Meyerberg, W R

Miers, E W

Moir, J R

Partridge, F J

Potroz, B

Potts, C H

Rae, M J

Reeve, G S

Reeve, L W P

Richmond, H S

Riley, G T

Robertson, L S

Robson, A C

Rowse, R J

Rowson, C H

Rowson, S

Scanlon, W W

Sexton, E W

Shewry, D J

Smith, C L

Smith, D M

Spence, R

Stott, J T

Syme, G

Terry, A F

Tichborn, E G

Total 129

Vickers, E W

Walker, A R

Wall, P

Walsh, R E

Walsh, T P

Wasley, A S

Watkins, C R

Watkins, H B

Webb, T

Wilks, A J

Williamson, S

Winder, H E

Witt, C H

Woisin, F W

Wright, H W


Servicemen's Portraits – World War II

(AF =Airforce, N = Navy

 Arthur, V                                 

Ashcroft, H                                    

Barlow, M F                            

Bell, M P                            [AF]

Blackwood, F J                [AF]

Bourke, P M                          

Brunton, W E                   [AF]

Burt, I                                 [ N]

Butchart, D L W                      

Cannon, E D                     [AF]

Carrington, F A                      

Chanel, B A                         

Cruickshank, R J                   

Cuff, C M                               

Cunningham, A J               

Erickson, W C J          [AF?]

Faine, H                         [AF]

Fawcett, A G                  [AF]

Fawkner, J M                 [AF]

Foley, W J                           

Fowler, N L                   [AF]

Goble, R T                            

Gower, K W                   [AF]

Haines, R H J                    

Harkness, D J              [AF]

Harris, G A                          

Hight, C H                      [AF]

Jeffares, B C                 [AF]

Jeffares, C C                [AF]

Jenkin, B                       [AF]

Lawn, A                                 

Lawrence, C S                                

Lindop, F C                      [N]

McIsaac, G(D?) R                

McNeil, A G                     [AF]

Moore, M C                          

Needham, W H                 

Piper, J D                            

Pitt, S N                               

Potts, C A                                 

Rutherford, F A            [AF]

Sanderson, F A           [AF]

Sangster, C                       

Shrimpton, S G                

Spence, R C (G?)           

Stanford, A D              [AF]

Stewart, D M              [AF]

Swindlehurst,            [AF]

Taylor, W                            

Villiers, J T                  [AF]

Volske, L G W            [AF]

Wellington, W R             

Williams, A G B         [AF]

Wilmshurst, J C        [AF]

Wunsch, G H             [AF]


Total 55,  AF 29, N 2.



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Stratford Hall of Remembrance

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