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Entrance Gates at Eltham Primary School, Conway Road, Eltham

Eltham War Memorial                         

 Designed by local cabinetmaker, Oscar Manley (Taylor, Don:  Vignettes, 2008, p47) although some authorities credit the gates to theTaranaki Education Board architect, C H Moore.

The gates were unveiled on Armistice Day (11 November) 1926 by the Minister of Agriculture, O J Hawkin and the Eltham Mayor, I J Bridger.

The WWII additions were unveiled on Anzac Day, 1954 by Egmont MP E B Corbett and the Mayor, F J Taylor.



Upper Left Pillar – Red Granite Plaque





1914-18   1939-45


Upper Right Pillar – Red Granite Plaque





1914-18     1939-45


Also 17 black marble panels on arches and entrance walls with all those who served (WWI - c 296 names on 6 panels & WWII - c 403 names on 11 panels) recorded and those killed noted with stars. A list of WWI names is also in Documents below

Six central plaques– 3 each side - are WWI; flanking 11 - 5 on left, 6 on right - are WWII)

The WW II plaques were added in 1949-50 (See Document below) but the names have not yet been transcribed.


WW I - Panel 1                      WWI – Panel 2                      WWI – Panel 3

Allen, C                                   Brough E J                                     Eggers J

Andrews H J                           *Brough J P                            Embling C W

Arnott W N                             Brown P J                               *Espiner P G

*Astbury E D                          Brown J F S                                          Eva P

Astbury C C J                         Brown J                                * Falconer W G

Attrill R J                                Brown P R                              Fitzgerald J H 

*Babbage F G R                     Buhlman J                            Flavall F F M

Balle J T                                  Bull, H P                                 Flavall G S      

Ballantyne R                           Bunn A A                                Flavall B M     

Barker C C                              Bunn E                                      Ford G A

Barnard F A                           BurtonW                                  Forrester E

*Barnard H                            Burton J H                                Foster W A

Barnard J                                 Callaghan C                         *Foster A M   

Barnard J W                            Carlisle E                                Franklin J M   

*Barnard C V                         Carlson J O                             Franks F C

Barnard A M                           Carlson J F                             George A H

Barr R G                                 Carlson R S                            Gibson C W

*Barr J W                                Carlson C W                         Glentworth G A

*Bates H L                              Cameron J S                       Glentworth H H

Bates J M                                *Carncross C C                   Glentworth J A  

*Baxter E                                Cave W A                                       Gould J R

Beattie M W                           *Chalmers G G                          *Gould W A  

Belcher L F                             *Clark A J                                    Goulden R

Belcher C A                              Clark F T                                       Gower A F

Bellingham L V                        Clarke J A                                    Green G

Bentley C                                Clarry G H                                     *Greig W

         Best J C                                   Clarry A E                                     *Grimstone L E

Binns F C                                Clarry W J                                     Groves S G

          Bluett L A                               *Cleaver J V H                                Guillosson L A    

    Bootten J                                 Coad L J                                  *Hansford W W

Bottle F E                               *Coad H P                                *Hardley G E

*Bourke J J                             Coad E R                                   Harper W

Bradley A                               *Codd W E                                    Harper J

*Brew D                                 Collingwood C H                   Hastedt B C

Brisco F                                   Collingwood G W                Harrison J A  

Brock D                                  Collins A E                                Hawke P J

Brock C B                               Colson E                                 Herman A

                                             Cook J                                   *Hickey J

                                            Cooper J H                              Hickey E J

                                                             Corbett F N                             Hill W O                           

                                                  Corbett O                                Hill H A                

                                                                 Corbett A B                         *Hine H                            

                                                                Corkill A E                             Hine H S                           

                                                                 Coward F                          *Hodgson A F                            

                                                       Davis R G                        *Hodgson H F               

                                                          Davis A                          Holmes R A                  

                                                Dawbin R J                     Hornblow W C           

                                                  De Launay P P                   Hornblow H H             

                                                    *Dempsey G D                      *Horne J H             

                                                                         Dew A W                               Horne W                                   

                                                                    Dive E                                 Horne G A                           

                                                                  Doole A                               Howell N B                         

                                                                 *Duff C A                             Irwin T                             

                                                                  Duff B L                       Jackson L E B                              

                                  Edmonds S                      *Jackson E L 



WWI Panel 4                         WWI Panel 5                         WWI Panel 6

Jagger A                                 MurrayA D                            *Wilkinson H G

Jago G E                                 Nairn J R                                 Stevens J

*Jarrett W A                           Nairn P G                                Strack G S

*Jarrett W                                 Nairn D L                                *Sturmey W J

Jones H S                                Narbey W F                            Styles F J

Jordan H G H                         Narbey T W                            *Surrey W L

         *Jury V R                                Nettleingham F J                     *Swindlehurst F R

                                                                                                     Swindlehurst L

     *Kelland C G                          Nielson S E                             Swindlehurst N

*Kelliher W                             *Norrell E                               Tayler R J

Kemp A R                               *Norris A J                              *Tayler G W

                                                                                                 Tayler B G

Kenny A                                 Norris C S                               Taylor W D

*Kilbride W G                       *O’Keeffe W                          Theobald C P

King J J                                   O’Keeffe F P                          Theobald C L

Kirk J                                      O’Neill J S                              Thompson, T

Lambie R                                Owen W P                              Thompson V

                                   Lambie W

*Lance E J                               *Parkes A O                            Thomas H W

Lee A H                                  *Parsons A F                           *Turner P J

*Lee H A G                            Peacock C H                           Turner H S

        Lewis G J                                Peebles G W                           *Twomey H M

                                    *Lewis L 

Libeau C L                              *Pennington L                       Velvin R G

Libeau H M                             Perry T R                                 *Velvin E J

Libeau L G                              Philpott G V                           Vercoe W G

Lynch T                                   *Pollard N A                           Vickridge C N

*McCarthy H                          Prussing T                               Walker C H

McCarthy W J                         Pryde H J W                           *Walsh R E

McCracken L A                      Purdy A J                                *Walsh T P

McKay J D                              Reardon N                              Walsh T A

McKenzie C R                        Rich F A                                 Walsh J

*McLaughlin E                       *Robinson H                           Waters W C

McLaughlin H                         Rockley S C                           Watts H J

                                   *McLaughlin J J    

McLellan T                              Rowe G F                               Whelan W

McSweeney L H                     Rowe L J                                 White T M

        McSweeney E K                     Rowe F T                                Whitham E H

McWilliam H S                       Rowe J D                                Willy L H

*Mackay, D E C                     *Rowe M W                           Willy T J

Mac Leod D S                       *Roxborough A J                    Zinsli J

Mac Leod W S                        *Seed G J                                Zinsli G

                                    Mac Leod J                             Shepherd A

                                    Mac Leod G M                       Shirley H H O

                                   *Mac Leod R B                        Sim T

                                    Mac Leod A M                         Sim L

                                    *Maddock R J                          *Slack C H                 

                                    Macginness W A                     *Slater L J

                                      *Maisey N                              Slater C H

                                    Mannex D J                             Slater W H

                                    Martin B A                              Smith J S

                                     Martin H

                                    Maslin R W                             *Smith W C

                                    Matthews C                            Sprackett W B

                                       Moir L E                                 Stannard A

                                       *Mortland W J                        Stade F A

                                      *Murray G W                          Stanners C C

                                                                                      Stanners H D

                                                                                     Steele J

                                                                                    Stephens A E

                                                                                   *Stevens S



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