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Old Dominion Museum Building, Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, Wellington

Taranaki Prisoners' Memorial 

Taranaki Prisoners' Memorial

The prisoners commemorated in this memorial are those of Pakakohi and Tangahoe who surrendered to Major Noake's forces in June 1869 and , later, those arrested during the Parihaka ploughing campaigns of the late 1870s and early 80s


Plaque Texts

"This memorial is dedicated to the prisoners

from Taranaki who were taken from their land

who passed through Wellington to prison in

the South Island

Many prisoners died whilst in custody."


"The major stone

of this memorial

symbolically depicts

a prisoner standing

with bowed head

wrapped in his

prison blanket."


"Stones gathered from streams in

Taranaki circle upwards from

the base, representing numbers

of prisoners taken through

Wellington to South Island jails.

The white pebble stones inset in this

paving refer to the 'Lost Genealogy'

of the men taken who died in the prisons.

Each half curve in the spiral - a stylised

fern frond, representing the loss

of those men. The spiral also symbolises

the journey they took from Taranaki

to the South Island.

The lines symbolise bars or bonds

under which they were kept."


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Taranaki Prisoners' Memorial (2000)

Taranaki Prisoners' Memorial (2000) by Ron L is Copyright Act 1994