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Formerly the Brixton (Waitara) Hall moved to Ratapiko in December 2004 to replace the hall destroyed in an arson attack on 13 November 2003.

Ratapiko/Brixton Hall 

Ratapiko Hall - formerly at Brixton (Waitara)

The WW II (?) honours board in the hall was destroyed in the 2003 fire but the names were recorded by the N P Genealogists previously..

Photos in case on wall - Left Side

L P G Knight    R Shepherd   R H Linklater   T Bilski

M M Willians   D Manning   M Karalus   J T MacKenzie

D Butler   T Coburn   T W Weldon   A E Sheehy

J Lash   B Mannes   R  Telfer   -- (no name on photo)

Photos in case - Right Side

C Butler   A A Gannaway   S R Therkleson   D G Therkleson

W Topping   R H Loveridge   L Burckett   P P Martin

R Shrimpton   J R Topping (X)   J A Topping   L R Olsen

W Eichsteadt   Miss S Manning   L Telfer   G Linklater

(X) Photo of R I Hill


See Documents below for reports of the fire which destroyed the Ratapiko Hall.

(For more information see "The Former Brixton Memorial Hall 1953 - 2006" TRCT993.482 FOR)

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Ratapiko Hall

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