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Rapanui is located separate from and south of Te Kawau Pa.  It is a long beach, bisected by the Rapanui Stream.  The beach on the northern side of the stream is much shorter than the main beach on the southern side of the stream.  For ease of identification I call them Rapanui North and Rapanui South – collectively being Rapanui.


There are TWO ROCK STACKS at Rapanui and both are LOCATED AT RAPANUI SOUTH.  That is, they are south of the Rapanui Stream.  They are:  Petrel Rock and what I call the R shaped rock.  Both are in the vicinity of the fenced off petrel colony located on the cliff top above them.  The petrel colony and its attendant rock stacks are situated at the northern end of the Rapanui South beach.





I haven’t documented this much.  Petrels do breed on it as evidenced by their burrows located higher up the rock stack.  Petrel Rock is immediately north of the northern cliff top boundary of the petrel colony.  It is close to the Rapanui Stream.





This rock stack has a distinctive arch on its landward side.  When the rock stack is viewed from the southern side looking north, it resemble a capital R, hence my nickname for it.  The R shaped rock is situated at the southern boundary of the petrel colony.  The predator proof fence snakes right down almost to the bottom of the cliff and is virtually opposite this rock stack.  Immediately south of the R shaped rock there is a small, all tide cove where driftwood is able to accumulate.







8.10.2003   PHO2008-273, 275


PETREL ROCK.  Took two photos from the cliff top petrel colony of Petrel Rock (southern side shown).  The image shown here also includes the large promontory on the northern boundary of Rapanui North beach.  PHO2008-275.


The R SHAPED ROCK.  Took a location shot from the petrel colony.  This looks south along Rapanui South beach with the R shaped rock part way down.  White Cliffs is in the background.  PHO2008-273.



23.10.2003   PHO2007-215,  PHO2008-279, 281, 297, 299, 301, 1068

I took several images of the R SHAPED ROCK from both the northern and southern sides.  One view was taken from the cliffs on the O’Sullivans’ farm and shows a distant view of the R shaped rock looking north along Rapanui beach.



26.10.2003   PHO2008-326, 332-333, 336-337,




PETREL ROCK is shown, along with its location.  PHO2008-326.


R SHAPED ROCK.  I have taken several images of this, including a close-up view of some of the rock strata lines.  (PHO2008-333).



4.11.2003   PHO2008-374


Took several photos from the petrel colony looking down and along the beach towards the R SHAPED ROCK, one of which is shown here.







25.11.2007   PHO2011-1108, 1110-1111


The R SHAPED ROCK appeared unchanged.  I photographed it from several viewpoints.  One image included some people with a beach buggy.  They give scale to the size of the rock stack.  In that particular image, a large chunk to the upper right of the rock stack has been carved off.  This occurred prior to my Tongaporutu coastline project.







31.8.2008   PHO2011-1304


Just one shaded photo of the R SHAPED ROCK.  A thin strata band shows up very well in this image.  The old carved off area to the upper right above the arch appears different.  This could just be due to the play of light, as in lack of shadow and sunlight (depth).  Though there may appear to be little change, the photos taken over time are a time-line record so what I may miss visually, especially if the changes are small, will be recorded photographically.



12.11.2008   PHO2011-1373


CLIFF SEQUENCING.  In the first image of the  R SHAPED ROCK;  that is, looking south with White Cliffs in the background, there is a washed up flax plant present towards the middle left of the frame.  I specifically included this because it emanated from the massive cliff section collapse that had occurred within the past 48 hours at the Three Sisters Beach.  This was to show the considerable distance that flotsam can travel.  I don’t know how much further up the coast plant material drifted.  Flax bushes and other plant debris littered the Rapanui coastline as far up as I ventured.  For some reason I haven’t photographed the R shaped rock from the southern side looking north.  I think I was trying to say film so that I had enough film left to photograph the cliff section collapse on the Three Sister Beach.







11.8.2010   PHO2011-1825-1826


From what I could see, the R SHAPED ROCK has changed little.  The arch at the top of the R appears to be more narrowed, but I can’t be sure.

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