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Beach One is immediately south of Gibbs’ Fishing Point.  Its southern boundary is the Pipeline.


There are two corridor type through caves on Beach One.  Both are situated close to each other at the northern end of the beach and just south of the Fledglings rock stacks.  Both pass through two cliff promontories.  Neither is spectacular when compared to say the Twin Arches cave system or Cathedral Cave.


I have included them because I believe that in the not too distant future, both promontories which house them will calve off from their parent cliff and form rock stacks.



CAVE ONE  (North)


This bisects the base of the largest cliff promontory.  On the farmland above, there is a visible crack that extends the length of the entire promontory’s width.  That is, the crack extends from the southern to the northern boundary at the landward end of where the promontory extends seaward.  This crack is only visible during dry conditions.  In winter, when it is very wet, the crack seals up.  On the northern side above and to the offside of the northern entrance, the upper cliff is very crumbly.  It curves around to the north in a semi-horseshoe shape.  It also curves away in a less pronounced fashion immediately to the south.  A distinctive external feature of the seaward side of the promontory is a slightly angled beautifully patterned rock seam, roughly around 12 feet in width.  The through cave at the base is a common garden variety that has been preferentially carved out by prevailing south-westerly wave action.



CAVE TWO  ‘The Doll’s Face’  (South)


Standing on the cliff promontory that houses Cave One, gives a perfect view of the promontory that houses Cave Two.  The northern cave entrance is clearly visible at the base.  The landward part of the promontory is slumping away from the parent cliff with a clearly defined V developing between the two.  The prominent knoll which has formed, has a distinctive ‘Doll’s Face’ on its seaward side.  In time this promontory  will form a free-standing rock stack, aided by the collapse of the through corridor cave.  The bottom foot of the promontory slopes out prouder than the gently sloping cliff leading down from the Doll’s Face.


NOTE;  I don’t have any through images of either cave that I can remember.  This is something I must rectify (25.7.2009).





18.1.2004   PHO2008-510, 512


My first visit to Beach One.  Cave Two was located beneath an impressive high peaked cliff that I later called the Doll’s Face.  (PHO2008-512).


A bit further north along the beach from this, an archway/cave (Cave One), pierced another cliff promontory.  This view (PHO2008-510), taken from the southern side, also shows the northern entrance at the rear.  On the seaward side of Cave One there was an intriguing rock strata formation that angled downwards slightly.  Some blind caves are also shown immediately to the rear of Cave One.



23.1.2004   PHO2008-542, 546


CLIFF SEQUENCING.  No internal shots of either cave;  just where they are located at the northern end of the beach.  I saw a bloated, dead black cow near Cave One.  PHO2008-542 shows the intriguing rock strata on the seaward side of Cave One.  The cave’s northern entrance is immediately below this.  PHO2008-546 shows the Doll’s Face cliff promontory that houses Cave Two, but from this angle, the doll’s face isn’t apparent.



7.3.2004   PHO2008-698-700


Aftermath of the Super-Storm Event of February 2004.  There was a full cliff face collapse above the northern entrance of Cave One.  The other thing that blew my mind was that the cave entrance that is now buried under tons of rock was where I changed my roll of film on my last visit on 23.1.04.  It was here too that I had seen a dead cow.  Sobering.



6.6.2004   PHO2008-1279


Documented the evolution of the cliff collapse material at Cave One.  The northern entrance to the cave is now clearly visible.  Part of the smallest Fledgling rock stack is also shown.



13.6.2004   PHO2008-1284-1286


PHO2008-1284 shows the remaining cliff collapse debris field immediately to the left of the northern entrance to Cave One.  PHO2008-1285 gives a clearer view of the northern entrance to Cave One.  PHO2008-1286 shows the Doll’s Face feature above Cave Two.  (This feature is only recognizable as such from the cliff-top).  Cave Two’s northern entrance is partially shown to the immediate left.






14.11.2005   PHO2008-1492-1499, 1502, 1506, 1509


I finally managed to take some photos of both Cave One and Cave Two.  Also, some of the blind caves in the vicinity of Cave One.


As I was photographing at Cave Two, I heard a loud crack.  I quickly took the shot and buggered out of there.  Nothing happened fortunately.  It was probably just creaking or shifting slightly.  Bits of cliff are regularly flaking off as evidenced by the latest tailings littering the sand.  At the northern entrance to Cave One, some of the debris field from the February super-storm event of 2004 was still there.


PHO2008-1495 shows Cave One in its surroundings, together with a couple of neighbouring blind caves on its southern side.  PHO2008-1499 shows the interior of Cave One from its southern side.  The northern entrance is just visible as a sliver of light in the background.  PHO2008-1506 and 1509 were taken from the northern entrance of Cave One and looks south towards the southern entrance.


Immediately to the rear of Cave One there is a cluster of small, blind caves.  PHO2008-1497-1498 shows some of them.


PHO2008-1496 shows one of the two neighbouring blind caves just south of Cave One.


PHO2008-1492, 1493 and 1494  show Cave Two.  (The Doll’s Face).  PHO2008-1494 was taken further inside the cave than 1493.  Though it doesn’t show the northern entrance, it is inferred by the sliver of light on the sand in the background.  All three views were taken from the southern side of the cave looking north.


PHO2008-1502 shows a small, blind cave forming at the northern end of Beach One, close to the southern side of Gibbs’ Fishing Point.  (The boundary between the two).







12.9.2007   PHO2011-1038, 1045


At the northern side of Cave One, 95% of the debris field from the February 2004 storms had gone.  Only a few largish rocks remained.  PHO2011-1045 shows the southern entrance of Cave Two.







10.2.2008   PHO2011-1177


The photo taken from the Fledgling’s Overlook, clearly shows the Doll’s Face feature on the slumping cliff promontory that houses Cave Two.  The cave’s northern entrance is clearly visible.  The day had been stormy and the only reason I got this wonderful last light of the departing storm was because I got a flat tyre just as I was exiting the Gibbs’s’ farm!



24.7.2008   PHO2011-1264


SUPER STORM EVENT.  Super-Storm Two.  This photo shows the northern entrance to Cave Two.



18.8.2008   PHO2011-1287


This photo also shows Cave Two’s northern entrance.  However, unlike the photo taken on 10.2.08, the beach has been scoured right down to bedrock and a huge cliff slide is visible further south along the beach.  This damage was caused by the Super Storm event that occurred last month – July 2008.







22.7.2009   PHO2011-1617


Due to wet weather, I cannot access Beach One.  Observations from directly above Beach One are usually taken from the Fledglings’ Overlook.  This is the promontory that houses Cave One.  This photo shows the northern entrance of Cave One.  I observed a lot of rocks between the smallest Fledgling rock stack and the northern entrance to Cave One.  Perhaps there had been a partial cliff fall?  If so, I am unable to date it.

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