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7 April 2004  

PHO2008-785, PHO2008-787, PHO2008-1253

PHO2008-1255, PHO2008-1256

I had often admired the spine of rolling hills that backdropped the Tongaporutu coastline.  Atop one of these hills there stood a weatherbeaten puriri tree that had begged me to visit for some time.  I describe my reverence for this magnificent in Section Nine on Wash-ups, Flora and Fauna.

The climb up to the top was hot and arduous, not helped by my unfit state of affairs.  Finally, the old puriri came into view.  The view it presided over left me breathless in a way no climb ever could.  Uplifted hills receded gracefully into the distance north towards Awakino.  And in the other direction, the jutting buttress of White Cliffs.  It dwarfed the Maori Pa site bluff that forms the boundary between Beach Two and Twin Creeks.  Then there was the Tasman Sea, sparkling and winking and grinning brilliant blue, while above the sky was dotted with cloud.

PHO2008-786 was taken with a telephoto lens and shows Pilot Point towards the lower left of the frame.


14 April 2004  

PHO2008-791, PHO2008-792, PHO2008-1259, PHO2008-1262, PHO2008-1263

With the weather being incredibly calm I went up to Tonga in the hope of getting some nice evening light on the folding hills looking both north and south.



11 April 2010  

PHO2011-1803, PHO-1804, PHO2008-1957

It has been some time since I was last up at Old Man Puriri Hill.  One of the reasons is that it is such an arsehole of a climb to reach.  Anyway, the weather had been exceptionally fine and calm for an extended period of time.  And as the project is finishing in June, I wanted to get a last photo shoot of this beautiful but difficult for me to get to viewpoint.  For this I took up my panoramic camera with the digital camera as a backup.  However, even if the photos turn out to be crap, nothing can detract from this wonderful day.

The Old Man Puriri tree and the hills, especially the ones that wend northward are just so spiritual for me.  To be up here in this special place is a priviledge.  I could wax on about how the hills are thrust up and folded over time and how they will eventually succumb to the sea, but that’s just bare facts.  To see the light dance across the ridges and hollows, then look out to a silver sea ...

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