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I have split Rapanui into Rapanui North and Rapanui South.  The boundary between the two being the Rapanui Stream.  At Rapanui North the cliffs exhibit the high degree of folding that is found further north at Te Kawau Pa.  Rapanui South exhibits the more usual mudstone and sandstone interbedding that is more characteristic of the Tongaporutu cliffs.


23 October 2003  

PHO2008-278, PHO2008-279

Rapanui South.  In the cliff face just north of the R-shaped rock there was an unusual rock prominence that protruded out from it.  I called it the Rude Rock as it so closely resembled a penis!  It is roughly two feet above ground level so is hard to miss – pun intended.

26 October 2003  

PHO2008-347  (Example)



4 November 2003  

PHO2008-357  (Example)



25 November 2007  

PHO2011-1107, PHO2011-1108, PHO2011-1109, PHO2011-1110, PHO2011-1111

Rapanui South.  The Rude Rock has been destroyed.  Only a hole in the cliff wall remains.

Down near the southern end of Rapanui South, there was a low lying broken caterpillar type rock formation that angled directly east to west.  That is, from the cliff to the surf line.  Its surface was mostly rounded and smooth with distinctive cracking.



12 November 2008  

PHO2011-1376  (Example only)

Rapanui South.  CLIFF SEQUENCING.  This is detailed in Section Four on Cliffs.



11 August 2010  


While photographing at Rapanui South Beach, this unusual set of rock columns caught my eye.  The lovely green algae provided the finishing touch.

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