Tongaporutu Coastline - Four Brothers Beach



Tongaporutu Coastline Project 


Pat Greenfield


The Tongaporutu Project (Taranaki, New Zealand) documents the evolution of this rapidly changing coastline over a roughly ten year period. The information here could be particularly valuable with regards to climate change.



THE TONGAPORUTU COASTLINE.  An overview, including its location and Key to Sites as per the illustrated map. 

  • Overview
  • Cliff Compositions
  • Coastline Map
  • 2011 Aerial Photoshoot



WEATHER, dates, tides, moon phases.  ALSO, this is the MASTER REFERENCE SECTION for the entire project.  It details every single date that I visited each specific site(s) at Tongaporutu.  The purpose of this is to make for easier cross section navigation.  This is vital for Cause and Effect.  For example, a cause at one location may have a noticeable effect on another location.



ROCK STRATAS and FOSSIL TREES.  Also included are things that struck a personal chord with me, so as such this section is more eclectic than the others.



Cliff collapses – types and causes (dynamics), including resonance, ripple effects and fractal scaling, etc.



Sea cave evolution, including cliff collapses specific to them.  Handedness, etc.



ROCK STACKS.  Sea stack formation and destruction.  The wash zone, calving locations, longevity, etc.


Pilot Point

The FAMILY OF ROCKS at PILOT POINT.  This cluster of rocks are located close to the Pilot Point Arch.  ALSO, the TONGAPORUTU RIVER.  This includes the river’s migration patterns and its effects on the outer and inner estuary, including the sand dunes.



BEACHES.  Beach composition.  Includes sand replenishment and depletion atop the underlying bedrock.  Why beaches rise and fall and the shapes they take.  Also, rock shelves, platforms and rocks.




FLORA AND FAUNA.  This section also includes jellyfish strandings, driftwood accumulations and general wash-ups.  Wash-ups (flotsam), to include plants, sometimes collectively referred to as ‘vegetation’,  dead stock and man-made rubbish.



The human connection, including some of their stories.









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Tongaporutu Coastline - aid to navigation map .

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