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Tangahoe Tunnel - West Portal

Tangahoe Tunnel - West Portal

The Tangahoe Tunnel was constructed in 1928. At 160 metres long it's one of the longest  of Taranaki tunnels.

A plaque inside the eastern portal records the guniting of tunnel in 1954. (Gunite or shotcrete is concrete sprayed under pressure to consolidate walls.)  Another plaque at the west portal commemorates the re-opening of the tunnel after repairs in 1997.

 In 1986 part of the roof collapsed in an earthquake and the tunnel was closed. A deep and unstable cutting alongside, which proved to be often unpassable,  served for traffic until the tunnel was repaired and re-opened in 1997.  

In 2003 further restoration work was required on the tunnel. 

(See location map in Documents below)


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