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Vivian Street 

With a lengthy list of titles to his name and a notable family history apparent in peerage history of the United Kingdom, there was no doubt that that the Plymouth Company would benefit from the political and financial influence that came with having the Rt. Hon. Lt. Gen. Sir Hussey Vivian, Bart. as a Director, for the Plymouth Company.

The Rt. Hon. Lt. Gen. Sir Hussey Vivian, Bart. originated from Cornwall County and was educated at Harrow and Exeter College in Oxford.  There is also mention of him studying in France. Incidentally Harrow Public School was a set used in the Harry Potter films, depicting Hogwarts - Professor Flitwicks charm class, to be exact. He eventually chose to pursue a military career.  His skilful military wizardry enabled him to rise through the ranks to enjoy a long and distinguished career.

In the later part of his life he had a notable involvement in political life, sitting in the House of Commons as member for Truro and as a M.P. for East Cornwall.

He married twice, first to Eliza Champion De Crespigny; they had one child, Charles Crespigny, who later would become the 2nd Baron of Vivian.  His second marriage to Letitia Webster, produced two daughters, Jane Frances Anne and Charlotte Eliza.  According to sources he had another son, Sir Robert John Hussey Vivian (1802-1887), though it is not clear, who Sir Robert's mother was.

His name appears frequently in genealogical sites and resources and it is evident that the peerage lives on to the present day.

Today, Vivian Street provides an essential thoroughfare through New Plymouth, and along it, exist several buildings possessing significant cultural heritage value, including St Mary's Church.

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Vivian Street (DN 11/07/2009)

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