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Stanners Street 

When Stanners Street was opened up for use in 1909, it was named after Eltham’s then-mayor Tom Stanners. The name would go on to be prominent in the town’s history.

Originally it was intended to follow the route of what is now George Street. That was delayed because the Railway Department had concerns about where it crossed the train tracks. In 1960 the Stanners Street extension was opened up, connecting through to Clifford Street.

Thomas Charles Stanners was born in London and arrived in New Zealand in 1869, spending most of his life in Taranaki. His early years were spent as a roading contractor or clearing bush. Later he owned a land and commission agent business. He held numerous public positions, most notably for many years as an elected member on the Eltham Borough Council. He was a talented athlete and later active in sports administration, becoming a life member of the Eltham Bowling Club. The club went into recess in 2009.

Tom Stanners died in 1939. One of his sons, Cecil Charles Stanners, started the Stanners Motors business after returning from World War One. The family still own the business to this day.

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