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Taranaki Street Names


Welcome to the Taranaki Street Names basket. This basket contains articles that are published in the Taranaki Daily News' "Word on the Street" column.  The articles are compiled by staff in the Taranaki Research Centre I Te Pua Wānanga o Taranaki at Puke Ariki.  If your street isn't here, please contact us.

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St Ives Grove.

St Ives Grove 

St Ives Grove is part of a subdivision in Whalers Gate created in 1973. The name was chosen from a list of options authorised by the old Taranaki County Council, many of which were taken from around the original Plymouth.

These southwest English counties are where many of New Plymouth’s first European settlers came from but perhaps it was also thought that a pretty seaside town in Cornwall was the perfect inspiration for a street in a city by the sea on the other side of

Wanaka Terrace.

Wanaka Terrace

Wanaka Terrace is a cul-de-sac in Bell Block, one road back from the beach front. It is named after a vessel which ran aground a few hundred metres from the street itself.

The S.S.Wanaka was built for the Union Steam Ship company in 1876 by Thos. Wingate & Co., Whiteinch, Scotland. The 493-ton steamship drew up alongside the recently built New Plymouth breakwater for the first time on 22 March 1884. It was the first of the company’s vessels to berth at the port and the event

Richmond Street.

Richmond Street

Richmond Street in Waitara is named after Christopher William Richmond, Minister of Native Affairs from 1858 to 1860.

Born in England in 1821, Christopher was known to his family as William. His father, a barrister, died when he was ten, leaving four children in the care of their mother Maria. William suffered from severe asthma throughout his life and was later described as “a powerful mind enshrined in a frail body”. After spending several years in France, he entered the legal profession in 1844.

William married Emily

Albatross Place.

Albatross Place 

Albatross Place adjoins De Havilland Drive in Bell Block and was named in 2010, at the same time as neighbouring Hercules Place and Vampire Place. All three names were proposed by Bypass Developments Limited, the developer of the 24-lot industrial subdivision, in keeping with the theme of the immediate area which lies on the site of New Plymouth’s old airport.

Designed by aircraft engineer Arthur Hagg in 1937, the British DH.91 Albatross has been described as “the most beautiful four engine propeller-driven airliner ever built”. But the

Bert Sam Wipiti (Puke Ariki collection).

Bert Sam Wipiti (Puke Ariki collection)

Though officially known as Airport Way, the strip of road in front of the hangers to the east of New Plymouth Airport is also unofficially marked as Wipiti Way in honour of a local lad who was one of the giants of Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) in World War Two.

He was the first Māori pilot to leave New Zealand for overseas duty and the first Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot to shoot down enemy aircraft over Singapore in 1942.

Bert Sam Wipiti was a

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