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Taranaki Street Names


Welcome to the Taranaki Street names basket.  This basket contains articles that appear in the Taranaki Daily News, "Word on the Street" column every Saturday.  The articles are compiled by staff in the Taranaki Research Centre at Puke Ariki.   If your Street isn't here, please contact us.

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Rowan Road.

Rowan Road 

All that remains of the small settlement of Rowan is a monument surrounded by the stone piles of the old school.

The township was named after Captain Frederic Charles Rowan. He arrived in New Zealand with the 43rd Regiment and he later commanded the Taranaki Rifle Volunteers. Rowan was seriously wounded at the battle of Te Ngutu o Te Manu and returned to England for reconstructive surgery.

Undaunted by his experience he decided to come back to New Zealand. During a stop over in Melbourne he met

Annandale Street.

Annandale Street 

Annandale Street in Lynmouth was formed in the early 1960s to provide access to a new 42 section subdivision. It was named after a local landmark, a house built in the early 1920s for William and Martha Thomson. 

‘Annandale’, a link with William’s Scottish ancestry, had been built on an old pa site on Devon Street. The pa is marked on early maps of New Plymouth and was known as both Taringamanga and Te Ringa Ringa.

William Wright Thomson came to New Zealand in 1880 with his

Lyn Street.

Lyn Street 

In the early 1900s the suburb of Lynmouth was known as Veale’s Estate by many people in New Plymouth. That name stuck and, even in the 1940s, the destination signs on buses were still reading “Veale’s Estate.” The “Estate” belonged to Thomas Veale and it was later subdivided for housing.

Eventually the name fell out of use and Lynmouth is how we refer to the area today. It is named after a small town in southern England and Lyn Street is merely a truncation of the name.

Victoria Street (Patea).

Victoria Street (Patea) 

It is quite likely that every city - and many towns - in New Zealand have a street named after the long- serving English monarch, Queen Victoria. Her reign coincided with rapid European settlement of New Zealand and the establishment of many early towns.

The decision to name streets after the Queen was an obvious one. Patea was no exception, and so a stretch of road from Pembroke St to the main road was named after the English monarch. Curiously however, when the road resumed

Domett Street.

Domett Street

At first glance, residents may think early town planners were keen to economize on street names in central Waitara. Today, several streets are split into two distinct parts; a north and south or an east and west. It was the railway line and the expanding Waitara freezing works that were to change Domett Street.

The freezing works was sited close to the riverbank. It could only expand towards the west, away from the river. Both Queen Street and Domett Street were blocked off to allow the expansion.

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