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Taranaki Street Names


Welcome to the Taranaki Street Names basket. This basket contains articles that are published in the Taranaki Daily News' "Word on the Street" column.  The articles are compiled by staff in the Taranaki Research Centre I Te Pua Wānanga o Taranaki at Puke Ariki.  If your street isn't here, please contact us.

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Ernest Phillip Aderman (Puke Ariki collection).

Aderman Place 

Aderman Place in Upper Vogeltown was named in 2014 to remember a former New Plymouth Member of Parliament. Ernest Philip Aderman was born about 1895 near Ipswich in Queensland. He left school at age 13 to work on the family farm, but it was a life he was unsuited for.

Religion called, and Aderman entered the Church of Christ Theological College in Melbourne, then went to university in Brisbane. “Serving in the church to pay his way”, he obtained a degree in philosophy. For several years thereafter

Fitzgerald Avenue .

Fitzgerald Avenue 

Fitzgerald Ave wasn't always named as such. For many years it was called Kaponga Rd. In 1957, the town councilors decided it was time to change the names of several roads in Kaponga. They were well informed. Maurice Fitzgerald was one of the most prominent men in the early days of the settlement.

Originally from Ireland, he arrived in Taranaki via Canterbury in 1882 at the age of 26. Buying bush- covered land south of Kaponga, Fitzgerald worked to successfully clear the land and then farm

McNaughton Street .

McNaughton Street 

This street in Waitara is named after Lieutenant Edmund C. McNaughton of the British Army's Royal Artillery, to remember his actions during the First Taranaki War (1860-61).

In February 1860, Octavius Carrington, Chief Surveyor, and Charles Wilson Hursthouse, Assistant Surveyor for Taranaki District, were chosen to accompany Robert Parris, Chief Commissioner of Native Affairs, to survey the Pekapeka Block at Waitara. The survey was interrupted by Maori removing their survey equipment.

In response, the British Army, based in New Plymouth, then occupied the Pekapeka Block

Grace Avenue.

Grace Avenue

South Taranaki has had few men more community- minded than Roylston Allen Grace.

Born in 1895, Roy Grace lived in the Kaponga district his whole life. After serving in World War One, he married and lived on the family farm on Rowan Road. As a young man he had a great interest in cricket and hockey.

He played and umpired, then went on to significant administration roles in both sports. His contributions were acknowledged with several life memberships.

Perhaps most significant was his leadership of the Taranaki Cricket Association. Grace

Torbay Street.

Torbay Street 

Torbay Street is a short cul-de-sac off Brooklands Road. Just up the road is St Pius X School and in the other direction is Pukekura Park.  

The Puke Ariki Heritage Collection holds plans for the subdivision of Torbay Street, dated November 1950. For some unknown reason the development was delayed, and it was not until February 1958 that the survey plans were finally submitted to the Land Transfer Office. In the meantime the owner of the land, William Spray, had subdivided off four sections on Brooklands

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