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Pā - Karaka


Pā - Karaka


SH3, Maxwell, Taranaki side of Whanganui township




Te Whānaupani Tuatoru


Te Whānaupani Tuawha


Otahingānui (tuarua)




Ngāti Maika


Ngā Rauru Kītahiahi


Hui Ora…..Pāeke, Hui Mate…Pāeke


While the casual observer could well be moved to remark on the number of marae established and then relocated elsewhere, it is perhaps time to remind ourselves that the marae were set up for people and not vice versa. Pā-Karaka too joins this formidable list having been situated a kilometre or so seaward of its present location still identifiable by the karaka tree border which gave rise to its name. Until recently Pā-Karaka saw little regular use as most of its descendants moved away to the larger industrial centres in search of employment pursuits. Today, however, having undergone an expansive rebuilding programme, the marae is once again being spoken of with pride, and not without reason. In earlier times it was a bustling community and a gracious host to itinerants and devotees of the prophets, Tohu and Te Whiti, who Pāssed through the district on their way to Parihaka, the birthplace of a number of Ngāti Maika as well. Presently being groomed by the current wave of Trustees and committee members, the marae is indeed looking the proverbial picture. Nearby is the Okehu Stream; a name locals say is actually derived from Aokehu, the famous Ngārauru ‘monster slayer’ who disposed of Tūtaeporoporo, the fearsome taniwha living in the Whanganui River responsible for heavy human loss. As mentioned earlier, this study was not collated as an in-depth treatment of the marae concerned, but rather as a light informative approach to try and bridge the gap between ignorance and enlightenment.

‘Ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei’

‘And should you submit do so only to the loftiest of mountains.’

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