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St James' Presbyterian Church in Lawry Street,  Moturoa was opened on the 14 April, 1979. It was built by Roebuck Construction.

About 1940 a section in Lawry Street was purchased and a Sunday School was built and dedicated in 1943. Ten years later the first resident minister, Rev. Angus Ross, was inducted. 

(On 15 May, 1953 a permit was issued to the Presbyterian Church for a building in Lawry Street. The estimated cost was £3,910 and the builders were Lord & McIvor. It's likely this was the original church and is now located behind the present church. It is used by a local wrestling club. The hall in front of the church was built in the 1960s.)  

St James' celebrated its 30th anniversary on the weekend of 5-6 March, 1983. 

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St James' Church (Moturoa)

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