Topic: The Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary (1845-46 onwards)

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The Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary is built on a site selected by Bishop Selwyn in 1842. A simple stone structure when first built in 1845-46, many subsequent additions have resulted in the present impressive and complex building.

The architect of the original structure was Frederick Thatcher. According to the 1995 N.P.D.C. Heritage Study others responsible for the additions include: G. Robinson, B.W. Mountfort (Christchurch), J.Sanderson, Frank Messenger, R.W.Syme and Alingon Group Architects (Christchurch).

Earlier known as St Mary's Church, on 6 March 2010 the Church was consecrated as the Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary.

The Taranaki Research Centre holds a large number of items associated with St Mary's, including plans, photographs and documents. Thanks to the work Margaret Alington, the history of the Church is recorded in her thesis and a book, "Goodly Stones and Timbers, A History of St Mary's Church, New Plymouth". (TRCT283 ALI)

The linked sources below are only a small selection of the material available. 

(In October 2015 it was announced that the Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary would have to close for earthquake strengthening. A gradual closure plan is in place with the expectation that by January 2016 it will be complete - except the foyer and upstairs area which will remain open. It is not known how long strengthening will take or how much it will cost.)

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