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Breakwater Road, New Plymouth

The building is currently (September 2017) for sale and faces an uncertain future

Taranaki Producers' Produce Store

Breakwater Road, New Plymouth


Photograph: Ron Lambert, 2010

The western portion of this building was completed in 1946 - the store was designed to store 93,000 boxes of butter or 31,000 crates of cheese.

Two permits were granted to the Taranaki Producers' Freezing Works Company in 1945 for construction activities on Section 12 Hakirau Street. The first permit was granted on February 7th for the rebuilding of stores, the contractor was W. Williamson Construction Company, and the estimated construction cost was £48689. The second permit was granted on October 30th for an 'extra storey', the contractor was again W. Williamson Construction Company, and the estimated construction cost was £17000.

The eastern section of this building was constructed in 1951, and replaced the freezing chambers from the 1904 building, which were demolished prior to construction. A permit was granted to the Taranaki Producers' Freezing Works Company on the 11th September 1951 for the construction of the coolstore additions - W. Williamson Construction Company were once again the contractors, and the estimated construction cost was £105,000.

Full name: Taranaki Producers' Freezing  Works Company Ltd

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Taranaki Producers' Produce Store (1945-46/1951-52)

City:New Plymouth
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