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Military cemetery, McLean St, Waitara

South African War Memorial - Waitara 

South African War Plaque

The plaque records the names of the Waitara servicemen who served in the South African War. None were casualties. See details below

This tablet

Was erected

To commemorate the services

Rendered to the Empire


of 1900 -1902

By our fellow townsmen

Whose names are subscribed hereto


W.T. Joll              G. Thornton

                                          4th Contingent


           G.J. Johnston       A.W. Johnston

        V. Rhodes

                                                   6th Contingent [Actually 5th Contingent]


             [“NZ and Fernleaf” Badge]


 2688 Johnston, Gilbert John - 5th Contingent. Also served in WWI but died of disease ex Gallipoli, 30 Aug 1915.

2687 Johnston, Arthur William - 5th Contingent, d. 23 Jan 1942 @ Waitara

2704 Rhodes, Norman Vernon - 5th Contingent, d. 28 March 1939, Auckland.

1570 Joll, William Torrie, 4th Contingent. Also served in WWI as Capt., Wgtn M. R., d. 3 July 1946, Waitara.

1571 Thornton, George, 4th Contingent.. Also served in WWI in Wgtn I. B., d. 25 June 1946, New Plymouth.


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South African War Memorial - Waitara

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