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A turn of the century villa

152 Lemon Street 2017

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This villa at 152 Lemon Street was either constructed in 1903 or 1908.

A permit was granted to Mrs Lennon by the New Plymouth Borough Council on the 10th January 1903 for the construction of a cottage on Lot 10 in Lemon Street - Percy Jury was the builder, and the estimated construction cost was £270. Mrs Susannah Lennon owned lots 9 and 10 of NR 14, and the NPBC rate books show that the sections were vacant in the 1902-03 rating year, but a house is noted as being present on the sections in the 1903-04 rating year.

Susannah is no longer the ratepayer for the sections in the 1904-05 rating book, with H. A. Lennon the ratepayer for lot 9, but not lot 10, who now has an unknown owner. 

A later permit was granted to builder W. Howson on 23 July 1908 for the constuction of a cottage on section 2121 Lemon Street - estimated cost £200. 

The home is clad in rusticated weatherboard, and retains its original sash windows and chimney. 

The villa has strong streetscape values, contributes to the historical character of the Lemon Street area, and represents a style of home now less common New Plymouth.

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152 Lemon Street (circa 1903-1908)

City:New Plymouth