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An inner-city villa of a type once common in central New Plymouth

96 Lemon Street 2017

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp

This weatherboard villa was likely constructed for Edward Hunt in 1902-03.

Town Section 1605 was subject to the Land Transfer Act in early 1902, the section was subdivided, and during the 1902-03 rating year the eastern portion was sold by then owner Edwin Barber Bates to Edward Hunt.

Hunt is thought to have had the present villa constructed soon after purchasing the section, and although a permit cannot be found for the construction of a full dwelling, a permit was issued on the 14th October 1902 for the construction of a brick chimney on Town Section 1605, and it's thought this probably relates to the construction of the present villa. Hunt is first listed as the ratepayer for Part Town Section 1605 during the 1903-04 rating year, and at this time a house is noted as being constructed on the section, and the property is valued at £18.

In October 1903 it was reported that Messrs Carthew and Company had sold during the month of September " Mr E. Hunt's pretty residence situated in Lemon Street, to Mr Bridger, of Eltham". James Bridger seems to have retired in New Plymouth, and remained living in the house until his death on 21 August 1939; he is buried in the nearby Te Henui Cemetery.

The building has strong streetscape values and is a survivor from a once common style of home now significantly diminished in New Plymouth. 

See: Taranaki Land Deeds Index I3, page 547; Taranaki Daily News, 10 October 1903, page 2

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Bridger Residence, 96 Lemon Street (circa 1902-03)

City:New Plymouth