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William Allen was a passenger on the Amelia Thompson.

Allen, William & Prudence

Collection of Puke Ariki 8/11, P.2.3822

Died aged 82.

First lived in a Whare where the Devonport flats are now.

Worked in Waitara, walking to and fro each day, fording rivers along the way.

Then lived on Hospital Road (now Mangorei Road) where he farmed, before moving back to town when fighting broke out in 1860.

His home was not burned down like others in the area because a Maori had accidentally been killed inside by a discharging firearm - therefore making the house tapu.

William was big man, over 6ft tall "and proportinately tall with enormous muscles". He was renowned for home-built plough made with a sharpened beam which was suspended from his shoulder using his physical strength to plough the fields.

William and Prudence had 5 children. Thomas and John came out with them on the Amelia Thompson. William, Martha and Samuel were born in New Zealand.

Taranaki Herald 3/9/1927 in Taranaki
Biography Files - Allen
ARC 2003-1213

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Allen, William

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