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William Batten was a passenger on the Essex.

Batten, William

Collection of Puke Ariki   009/15


Born in Timsbury, near Romsey, Hampshire, 1799.

Died on 14th February, 1876.

William Battens first wife died in England. 

He came to New Zealand on the Essex 20/1/1843 with seven of his children, five daughters and two sons.

He later formed a relationship with Phoebe Alexander.

His occupation was a shepherd.

It is believed that Jean Batten the Air pilot who was a descendant of William Batten was born in New Plymouth's well known Round House.

It is written that, many of William's letters sent to friends in England were published, circulated widely and  were the means of directing many settlers to New Zealand.

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Batten, William

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