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Author who wrote under the name "John Guthrie".

   John Brodie and his Wife Elinor

John and Elinor Brodie  


Biography from The Man in Our Lives, 1955

The Man in Our Lives was an account of his father and family. Brodie considered this his best book. It was originally issued in 1946, but this printing was a valedictory edition published after his death.)

John Guthrie

John Brodie ("John Guthrie") was born [in Paeroa] and educated in New Zealand, [New Plymouth] and distinguished himself by winning his University Blue for Rugby at seventeen. He took his B.A. at Canterbury University College in 1925 and was nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship. Owing to a Rugby injury, a long illness ended his athletic career and obliged him to abandon his plans for journalism. He devoted the following years to writing two novels about his country, The Little Country and So They Began, and also published a number of short stories. Following the amputation of a leg, he resumed journalism for the next three years. finding himself homeward bound from England, after a years leave of absence, when the war broke out, John Brodie turned back to Britain and joined the Royal Air Force. He served with distinction as an expert on night fighter tactics as a Flight Lieutenant Controller.

After his demobilisation in this country [Britain], he edited Books of Today until joining the staff of World's Press News in 1950, where he remained until after another illness, when he went to George Newnes Ltd in 1954.

The war absorbed all his energies and he had no opportunity to write until1946. Between that year and 1953 he published six new woorks; The Man in Our Lives, a Book Society recommendation, Journey by Twilight, Merry-Go-Round, Is This What I Wanted?, Paradise Bay and The Seekers, which was made into a film by the Rank Organisation.[Starring Jack Hawkins, Laya Raki and Inia Te Wiata]

The following year, at the age of 49, he returned to his native New Zealand with his wife. It was on the journey back to England in March 1955, that he died suddenly and was buried at sea off Cape Finisterre.


[John Brodie's sister, Mary (1911-1999), married Russell Matthews (1896-1987) a local businessman, horticulturalist and philanthropist]

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 The Little Country  So They Began   The Man in Our Lives  Journey by Twilight  - John Guthrie

     Is This What I Wanted?    Paradise Bay   The Seekers - John Guthrie   The Man in Our Lives





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John Brodie (1906 - 1955)

Last Name:Brodie
Place of Birth:Paeroa
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