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Scientific studies conducted in Taranaki on the coastal and marine environment, as well as Recreational Use Surveys and Dive Surveys.

We wish to build up a library of documents and links to research projects about the Taranaki Coast. If you have any resources please do add them to the kete.

The Society is actively seeking information about penguins, both sightings, and nest-box projects. Your photographs, videos and reminiscences may be stored in the kete, and linked to the mapping service on T.E.R:R.A.I.N.

The citizen scientist in New Zealand is encouraged to contribute data. Local information provides fine scale detail to national datasets, and helps us appreciate our wildlife and how to care for it. 

        Link to studies on:

               -  Coastal and Marine Environment

               -  Recreational Use Surveys

               -  Dive Surveys

 Educational Resources which may be used in conjunction with the Marine Information Centre at Port Taranaki

Coastal Plants
Intertidal life
Underwater environments and life
Marine mammals

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