Proposed NZ Coastal Policy Statement 2008 Submission

Submission on: Proposed NZ Coastal Policy Statement 2008

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The Society submitted on the 2008 review for the Proposed Coastal Policy Statement. This legislation is as important as the RMA.

The final NZCPS 2010 document may be seen on the DOC website 

Excerpt from the Society submission:

It is important that the NZCPS recognises the tools of marine protection. The information pamphlet accompanying the NZCPS lists the government policy initiatives relating to the NZCPS, but this information is lacking in the NZCPS itself. The Society believes that it is of great importance to formally include the concept of the legal tools of protection in the document.

‘Marine reserves’ are not mentioned at all, even under ‘Policy 6 Integration’, ‘Policy 7 Conservation land’ or ‘Policy 8 Areas proposed for statutory protection’. This is a serious oversight. Without no-take areas, which have the highest form of protection afforded, there will be no way of knowing if the NZCPS is having a beneficial effect. The NZCPS needs to ensure that the current protection and monitoring tools are integrated into Policies ‘12 Local Authority monitoring’ and ‘36 Assessment and Protection of Natural Character’.

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Proposed NZ Coastal Policy Statement 2008 Submission

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