The Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society was formed in 1997 to promote the idea of a network of small reserves on the Taranaki coast. The society is made up of locals who are interested in the study and preservation of local coastal and marine areas.

To date the society has successfully initiated the establishment of the Tupuae Marine Reserve and continues to survey and study the marine life of the Taranaki coast.

The Objectives of the Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society Inc. are;

    - To establish a network of marine reserves in the Taranaki Region
    - To ensure the marine life and other natural resources in the region are protected
    - To encourage the scientific study of marine life on the Taranaki coast
    - To foster community awareness of the coastal environment by education.

The Tapuae Marine Reserve on the north Taranaki coast adjoins the Sugar Loaf Island Marine Protected Area (SLIMPA). The area has a range of natural habitats - from the caves, canyons, crevices around the volcanic islands, to the boulder fields, mud and sand. A wide range organisms, marine and coastal, are to be found here.

A marine reserve allows scientific comparisons between an area free from human extraction and the comparable local areas administered under fishing regulations.

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