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This two-storey masonry building, located at 11 Devon Street West was built in 1934 for Deare's Limited. A building permit was issued on 23 May 1934 and it was constructed by Boon Bros. for the contract price of £5,650.The architects were Griffiths & Stephenson and and further alterations were carried out in 1948 and 1961

Mr Robert Deare arrived in New Plymouth in 1903 and established a small footwear business in Egmont Street.. As the business grew he first moved to premises on the corner of Devon and Egmont Streets and then In 1914 to this location on Devon Street West. Mr Deare died on 22 August 1957 and was buried at Te Henui cemetery.

Deare's Boot Arcade Sign

Deares Boot Arcade Sign from either current or former Deares building: Part of Hamish Crimp Collection

In an image taken in the 1920s of an earlier building on the site, the name "Deare's" can be seen at the top. Deare's is located in one part of the ground floor, descibed on the sign as a "High Grade Shoe Store". On the other side is "Auld's", a ladies outfitters.

The business was sold in 1966 to Herberts Ltd. of Christchurch.

Present tenants (2011) on ground floor are Jean Jones and Stars Travel.

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