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This house was one of two adjacent villas constructed as investment/rental properties for William John Shaw during 1900-01.

William Shaw resided in the house at present 5 Rogan Street, and from 1890 owned a large area of land along Gover, Rogan & Gilbert Streets - this property included part Town Sections 1686 & 1687 (now comprising Lot 2 of DP4140), on which the present house at 56 Gilbert Street is constructed. 

Although no building permit exists for the construction of this house as the New Plymouth Borough Council (NPBC) didn't start recording permits until 1902, a construction date can be obtained from NPBC rating books.

For the 1900-01 rating year, just one house (present 5 Rogan Street) is noted as being present on Shaw's property, however, by the following 1901-02 rating year, in addition to Shaw's own house at 5 Rogan Street, two houses are also noted as being present on Town Sections 1686 & 1686 in Gilbert Street - together these are valued at £42.

William died in November 1904 and ownership of the property passed to his widow, Mary Florence Shaw, who retained possession until the 1920s. 

The second villa constructed for Shaw (being almost identical to this house) was located immediately east of 56 Gilbert Street (present site of right-of-way) and was either removed or demolished to make way for subdivision of the property. 

See: DP4141

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56 Gilbert Street (circa 1901-02)

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