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This attractive bay villa residence was probably constructed for owner Frank Gore Sole between 1903 and 1910.

A certificate of title for Lot 2 of Part Section 28, Town of Tukapo, was issued to Frank Gore Sole on the 22nd of July 1901. Valuation rolls confirm that as at 31 March 1903 no dwelling was present on the section. 

It is probable the present house was constructed by 1910, and seems to have been rented-out, with Wises Post Office Directories noting a number of different persons residing in this location during the 1900s and 1910s. Frank Sole took out a number of mortgages against the property during his period of ownership and one of these may relate to the construction of the house.

On the 11th of October 1917 ownership of the property was transferred to carter William John Anstis, who occupied the house himself and first appears as living in this location in the 1919 edition of Wises Post Office Directories.

William died on the 13th of October 1931 aged 72 years, with ownership of the property subsequently passing to his wife Lydia Charlotte Anstis. The house was sold to labourer Stephen Hatcher on the 12th of May 1953, and Lydia appears to have then moved into Belmont Private Hospital in Devon Street East, where she later died on the 15th of August 1957, aged 94 years.

Stephen remained living in the house until his death on the 23rd of June 1964, aged 66 years. Ownership then passed to his wife Edith Elsie Jane Hatcher, who remained living in the house until her death on the 21st of July 1981, aged 81 years.

See: CT TN45/93; DP1619; DP9113

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Anstis Residence, 132 Tukapa Street (circa 1903-1910)

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