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The 1907-08 Fitzroy Town Board rating roll lists Raymond Smith as the owner of Lots 28a, 30a, 32a & 34a - the sections are all thought to be vacant at this time, and had a combined rateable value of £135.

Raymond Smith soon sold lots 28a, 30a & 32a to well-known New Plymouth builder George W. Hartnell, who constructed three villas on the property - only number 15 survives, with those at numbers 13 and 17 since removed or demolished. 

The 1908-09 rating roll lists Hartnell as the ratepayer for lots 28a, 30a & 32a - a combined rateable value of just £95 probably indicates that the sections were still vacant during early 1908. However, by the 1909-10 rating year, the combined value of the three sections had increased to £330 - indicating the construction of at least one of the villas.

Hartnell sold lots 28a and 32a to H. Jellyman, but retained ownership of lot 30a (this property) for a little longer, before it was aquired by Richard Jenkins, and then a Mr Webster.

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15 Sackville Street (circa 1908-09)

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