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This bungalow was constructed about 1925 - however, the only permits which can be located are for the construction of a shed and a workshop. The house was occupied by Charles Stanley Cottam soon after completion.

On the 10th of August 1925, a permit was granted to Charles Stanley Cottam by the New Plymouth Borough Council for the construction of a workshop on Town Section 1185 (should be Section 1158), Victoria Road - A. L. Kitchingman was the builder, and the estimated construction cost was £25.

It's possible the house was constructed for Christopher Carter, and subsequntly sold to Cottam - there is a permit with no section number that may be this house. 

On the 2nd of June 1927 a permit was granted to Cottam for additions to the house costing £20.

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Cottam Residence, 24 Victoria Road (1925)

City:New Plymouth