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This cottage was constructed by or for William Webber sometime between 1882 and 1887. William Webber had a number of cottages constructed in Lemon Street during the 1880s-1900s period, and whilst he rented most of these; it seems he and his family occupied at least one.

William owned the Taranaki Rope Factory, which was based in Gover Street, but also occupied a number of sections in the area, including a ‘rope walk’ on St Germain’s Square/Poverty Flat – the present site of Central School. William’s wife, Matilda, also operated a small shop on Lemon Street, and this was located on Town Section 985, near the eastern end of the present Baptist Church.

Town Section 990 was purchased by William Webber in February 1882. At this time, the section is thought to be vacant, and no dwellings are indicated on Skinners 1880 Map of New Plymouth. The earliest known surviving rates books covering this property under Webber’s ownership are those for the 1887-88 and 1888-89 rating years. For both years, Town Sections 990 and 978 are listed together, valued at £21, and noted as containing two houses – one of these is very likely the present cottage, and the other a cottage on Town Section 978, at the corner of Gover and Leach Streets.

In 1890, ownership of the property was transferred to William’s wife, Matilda, through a Deed of Gift. By the 1894-95 rating year, Town Section 990 is listed separately, being valued at £16 10s, and having one house, the present cottage, located thereon. Matilda retained ownership until her death in 1926, when the property was sold to William? Taylor. The property title was issued under the Land Transfer Act in 1928.

The eastern portion of Town Section 990 remained vacant until 1929, when the present bungalow was constructed for Norman Mason McArtney.

See: Taranaki Land Deeds Index I5, page 371

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Webber’s Cottage, 37 Lemon Street (circa 1880s)

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