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67 Clemow Road 2017

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Whilst the exact construction date for this wooden cottage is currently unknown, it was likely built sometime in the 1870s to 1890s period - either by the Knucky or Parkin families. 

This portion of Section 95 Fitzroy District (now subdivided and much reduced in size), is thought to have been purchased by Nicholas Knuckey sen. and his brother Richard sometime between their arrival on the 'Essex' in January 1843, and 1845, when Richard left for Australia. Nicholas died in 1850, and the property seems to have been inherited by his son Oliver Knuckey; who retained ownership until 1888, when he was declared bankrupt, and the property was sold to Thomas (Tom) Parkin. At the time of purchase, the Parkin's were already renting the section from Knucky, and probably lived in this cottage until their new home at 75 Clemow Road was constructed in the 1900s - it seems Tom's son, Roy, remained living in this cottage until the late 1910s. 

Thomas Parkin and his son Roy formed the gravel crushing and carrying firm of T & R Parkins (located on a site to the immediate west of this cottage), and were awarded many contracts for forming and gravelling roads in the district - much of the required stone was sourced from the nearby Waiwhakaiho River. 

Matilda Parkin died in 1909, and Thomas Parkin in 1919.

The cottage is built in the distinctive 'saltbox style' and is sitting on riverstone piles. It is clad in rusticated weatherboard (possibly not original), and has both twelve-light and two-light double-hung sash windows. 

See Taranaki Land Deeds Index I4, page 340; DP1100; DP3283; and DP4451.

As a pre-1900 building, any alterations to the original cottage, or earthworks on the property, may require archaeological authority from Heritage New Zealand.

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Parkin's Cottage, 67 Clemow Road (circa 1870s-90s)

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