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41 Devon Street East 2018

2018 View: By Hamish Crimp

A permit was granted by the New Plymouth Borough Council to grocer Frank Ernest Gadd on 10 March 1920 for 'additions to store' on Devon Street - Julian and Son were the builders, and the estimated construction cost was £1300.

Prominent New Plymouth architects Messenger and Griffiths designed the building, and called for tenders for "additions in concrete to premises in Devon Street, for Mr F. E. Gadd, Grocer" in November 1919. 

The alterations seem quite extensive, and it is unclear how much of the previous building survives - probably very little, if any. 

Gadd's name was originally on the facade in raised lettering, but has since been removed (although remnants can still be seen if looking at it from the right angle!) - reinstating this would greatly enhance the aesthetic and heritage values of the building. 

Inside, many of the original plaster sheet ceilings remain. 


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