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16 Bracken Street 2017

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp


This attractive villa was probably constructed for/by Henry William Putt sometime around 1901-02. 

Putt purchased the section on which 16 Bracken Street is located in early August 1901 from 'Arrowsmith', and the house is thought to have been constructed soon after this date. Putt first appears as living in upper Cutfield Road in the 1903 edition of Stones Street Directory, with Glen Road (the original name for Bracken Street) not included until the 1906 edition - he is listed as a building contractor, so presumably he built the house.

The property remained in Henry Putt's ownership until at least October 1927 when the Certificate of Title was issued under the Land Transfer Act.

Undated, circa 1905 view of Western New Plymouth, postcard in Hamish Crimp Collection 

Undated, circa 1905 view of New Plymouth from Western Park. 16 Bracken Street is at the centre in foreground, with Glen Almond House the two-storied villa in the background. Image Source: Original Postcard in Hamish Crimp Collection.


Henry William Putt was born in 1857 to John Putt and Susannah Hart. He married twice, to Emma Foot Mullett and Matilda Gilbert. Henry died on 30 July 1945, and is buried in Te Henui Cemetery - his last known address is listed as St Aubyn Street, so presumably he had sold this home sometime before his death.

Putt became a member of the St Aubyn Town Board in 1910.

See Taranaki Land Deeds Index I14, page 829

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Putt Residence, 16 Bracken Street (circa 1901-02)

City:New Plymouth